High Quality Koi

Gokujo is a special expression for the Japanese.

We use Gokujo to describe the highest quality article, time and even a space.

Our family is committed to raising the best quality koi in the world and only select Japanese Koi from the Niigata region. In the past, these carefully raised Gokujo class of Koi have been introduced one-by-one, on an off-line request-basis. We are happy to now have the opportunity to offer you our Gokujo class of high quality koi fish online.

We have Gokujo class Nishikigoi available to buy if shown below the search field. If not, please contact us with what you are looking for and we will help find the right koi.

Free Boarding On All Fixed Price Koi!

As the winter season continues, we know many of your ponds have frozen over or are too cold for koi to live in. But don't worry, we have a solution so you don't miss out on that one koi you've always wanted.

Any fixed price koi purchased between 1/6/21 and 3/31/21 will have the option to be boarded here in Hawaii where they will be fed and kept until the Spring when water temperatures rise again.

Free Boarding Info:

  • January 6th 2021 to March 31st 2021
  • Koi have to be shipped before April 15th 2021
  • If your koi is not shipped by April 15th 2021 you will need to pay the $50/month boarding fee
  • Koi must be paid for at time of purchase
  • If koi dies while boarding we can guarantee 90% store credit to you

Normal shipping rates apply. Shipping fees are paid for separately when finalizing the shipping date with customer service.

The koi in this promo:

  • will be ready to ship to your home immediately (unless noted otherwise in the product listing). Normal shipping rates apply
  • If you would like to board your koi for free, when checking out please choose an available shipping date before April 15th 2021
  • are unable to be shipped to Canada at this time
  • will have fixed prices, but a few may have "Call for pricing"
  • will show lengths approximated

UPDATE: New Shipping Rates

  • We will no longer be offering a "small box" for shipping koi, only mini, medium, large and extra large.
  • Our "medium box" rate will change from $125 => $140

We thank you for understanding and if you have any questions you may contact us at info@kodamakoifarm.com

*Koi in this promo have the option to be boarded till Spring, but you do not have to, you may also ship your koi immediately if you would like to*

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