Niigata, Japan Koi Breeders

“Rome was not built in a day. Neither was our relationship with breeders.”

Niigata is the cradle for high quality Nishikigoi. With over 200 breeders there alone, they all work hard to breed more and more beautiful Nishikigoi. Working with them for 40 years, we have established excellent relationships unlike any other Koi companies have.

Our relationship with the Niigata breeders is one of our most valuable assets. Besides, our relationship is not just between buyer and supplier. We have become friends under the same mission: Introducing beautiful Japanese Nishikigoi to hobbyists all over the world.

We will continue to work closely with these renowned breeders to introduce their beautiful artworks to Koi lovers in the US.

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Aokiya Koi Farm

With a special ability to breed Kikokuryu that is unsurpassed, Aokiya is a great contributor to the koi world.

Dainichi Koi Farm

One of the most known breeders in the world because of their quality and body to produce many koi show winners.

Fukazawa Koi Farm

Located deep within the mountains, this breeder is known for the quality and diversity of the varieties they offer.

Genjiro Koi Farm

One of the first breeders of the Kohaku bloodline, both Sensuke Kohaku and Tomoin Kohaku originated from this farm.

Hasegawa Koi Farm

With a specialty for growing jumbo-sized Kohaku, this breeder believes in natural growth of koi for superb quality.

Hirashin Koi Farm

They focus on Kawarimono and are not aiming to breed big koi, but beautiful koi, even if they’re small.

Hiroi Koi Farm

This koi farm receives high traffic from many buyers for their prized Goshiki Koi and other high quality varieties available.

Hoshikin Koi Farm

For award-winning Kohaku, this breeder creates must-get koi with beautiful bodies that are regular winners.

Hoshiyone Koi Farm

One of the oldest and most established breeders, known for breeding the bloodline of Gin Matsuba.

Hosokai Koi Farm

With a reputation for high quality Asagi, their sincere attitude for koi breeding is a textbook example for all breeders.

Ikarashi Koi Farm

This koi farm breeds Kohaku, Sanke, and Showa koi that are regular champion winners at koi shows.

Isa Koi Farm

One of the most demanded and popular Showa breeders known for their koi’s unique and bold bodies that set them apart.

Iwashita Koi Farm

Famous for creating the first Ginrin Asagi, this koi farm breeds high quality Asagi, Kin Kikokuryu, and Kikokuryu.

Izumiya Koi Farm

One of the most distinguished koi breeders in Niigata, this farm is famous for high quality Ogon and jumbo koi.

Kaneko Koi Farm

One of the first breeders to create the Kujyaku variety, they are also well known for their excellent Shiro Utsuri and Matsukawabake.

Kanno Koi Farm

Hiroshi Hirasawa and his son, Kazuhiro (above), work together to produce high-quality Goshiki and Sanke.

Kansuke Koi Farm

After their Kohaku won Grand Champion, many sought out this breeder for the superior quality of their koi.

Kawakami Koi Farm

Founded in 1928, this koi farm is known for their many varieties including Goshiki, Kumonryu, Asagi, Shusui, and more.

Kokugyokan Koi Farm

Producing regularly winning koi at shows, this koi farm is a top eye holding breeder with several Grand Champions.

Konishi Koi Farm

One of the most established koi breeders in Japan since the Taisho Era, known for their massive Karashi Koi.

Koshiji Koi Farm

Known for creating many unusual koi and new varieties, this koi farm’s most recent creation is the Doitsu Goshiki.

Kurihara Koi Farm

Enjoy the beauty that is established on the history of over 60 years in the koi industry.

Mano Koi Farm

This koi farm, nicknamed for their brand Tomzeo, is known for breeding high quality Shusui and Kohaku Koi.

Maruboshi Koi Farm

Famous for their prized Kohaku, this koi farm has created Grand Champion and Kokugyo winning Kohaku Koi.

Marudo Koi Farm

A leading breeder in Niigata with training at Dainichi Koi Farm for bloodline similarities in their award winning koi.

Maruhiro Koi Farm

Maruhiro breeds a wide variety of koi, such as Gosanke, Kawarigoi, and Hikarimono. They strive to breed koi that can grow big.

Maruhide Koi Farm

This is definitely one of the few breeders in Niigata specializing in Doitsu gosanke variety. In the fall, his place is so popular…

Marujyu Koi Farm

With over 60 years and 3 generations of history; this koi farm’s specialty includes beautiful Kormo, Tancho, and Showa Koi.

Marusaka Koi Farm

This koi farm has over 70 years and 3 generations under it’s belt, known for their metallic varieties like Kujyaku.

Marusei Koi Farm

This koi farm is known for breeding beautiful Ogon with good body conformation and even a Grand Champion Kohaku.

Marusen Kobayashi Koi Farm

This koi farm is known for their breeding of quality Shiro Utsuri koi.

Marusho Koi Farm

Famous in Niigata for their prized Shiro Utsuri, this breeder also makes sake in addition to superior quality Taisho Sanke and Kohaku.

Marushin Koi Farm

Focusing on Doitsu Showa and Ginrin Showa, Marushin Koi Farm has worked on many and unique varieties.

Maruyo Koi Farm

This koi farm is known for preserving the Ki Utsuri koi from extinction and breeding many varieties of koi.

Miyaishi Koi Farm

This koi farm breeds the best Kin Showa koi in the world with many prizes under his belt, including Grand Champion at Nogyosai.

Miyatora Koi Farm

This koi farm is known for breeding Sanke, Kujyaku, Kohaku, Showa, Shusui, and many  other varieties of koi.

Murata Koi Farm

This farm is one of the top Kohaku breeders in the world, with a Grand Champion Kohaku and passion for beautiful koi.

Nagashima Koi Farm

A leading breeder in trhe Mushigame area, they are unique for creating high quality Shiro Utsuri, Showa, and Ginrin Showa.

Nogami Koi Farm

Honored with training from Dainichi Koi Farm founder, this breeder creates beautiful koi artwork at his koi farm.

Omosako Koi Farm

This koi farm is an undeniable leader and known for breeding their simple yet bold variety of Shiro Utsuri.

Otsuka Koi Farm

With many different varieties to offer, this breeder is not only known for their quantity but the superb quality of their koi too.

Oya Koi Farm

A leading breeder in Japan, known for their award winning Sanke which has won many top awards at shows.

Ozumi Ikarashi Koi Farm

Located in Nagaoka city, this koi farm is famous for being the first creators of the Kin Kikokuryu Koi.

Sakai Koi Farm

A grand champion maker of all; this breeder is known for their breathtaking quality, pattern, and body of their koi.

Sakamaki Koi Farm

This breeder was previously an apprentice at Dainichi Koi Farm and is known for their Ginrin Kohaku Koi.

Sakazume Koi Farm

An established breeder who is known for their Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, and the beautiful pattern of their Aigoromo Koi.

Sekiguchi Koi Farm

A second generation koi breeder that is known for their breathtaking Showa who won Grand Champion and Pearl Ginrin.

Shinoda Koi Farm

A famous breeder with a Grand Champion Ginrin Showa, who works hard to preserve and improve their bloodline.

Suda Koi Farm

One of the few and rare breeders of Hirenaga Koi, characteristically known for their long fin and positive attitude.

Suzujyu Koi Farm

This famous Showa breeder produces small batches of high quality koi, featuring dynamic Sumi and beautiful Hi.

Suzusei Koi Farm

Also known as Seijyuro, this koi farm is a top Showa breeder due to them being located in the Jyunidaira area of Niigata.

Takahashi Koi Farm

Known for breeding Showa, this koi farm is centrally located in an area with high quality clay – perfect for growing Showa.

Takano Koi Farm

This breeder from Ojiya city specializes in Budo Koromo, known for their elusive purple color that is difficult to produce.

Taniguchi Koi Farm

This rising star breeder from Hiroshima specializes in Kohaku and Sanke Koi which have won awards.

Teradomari Koi Farm

This koi farm is a pioneer in breeding some of the best Ginrin Kohaku Koi, with many award winners at koi shows.

Torazo Urakawa Koi Farm

This koi farm built the foundation of the Sanke bloodline and now specializes in quality Kohaku.

Wada Koi Farm

Founded in 1920, this koi farm has been around for 5 generations and specializes in high quality Asagi Koi.

Yagenji Koi Farm

Located at the top of the mountains, this popular koi farm is globally known for their wide variety of koi.

Yamacho Koi Farm

This koi farm is known to be the go-to breeder for Platnium Koi, which is a sensitive and difficult variety to breed.

Yamamatsu Koi Farm

This koi farm is an established breeder for Sanke and Kohaku Koi with almost 100 years of history in Niigata.

Yamanaka Oya Koi Farm

This koi farm is known for their high quality Shiro Utsuri, Midorigoi, and Aya Wakaba Koi.

Yamasan Koi Farm

This one stop koi farm in Niigata is famous for their wide variety of quality koi, especially Hirenaga and Hikarimono.

Yamaju Koi Farm

This one stop koi farm in Niigata is famous for their wide variety of quality koi, especially Hirenaga and Hikarimono.

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