Koi are packed and prepared at our farm for UPS by 7:30 AM HST

  • Please note: Any changes (such as address change, hold for pick up or delaying) requested for your shipment after 7:30 AM HST can only be made by UPS’s approval.

An automated message will be sent via e-mail by UPS to confirm they received the package.

  • The e-mail will have your tracking information enclosed BUT will initially show as “DELAYED”.

The accurate delivery date will be updated once UPS scans the label at Honolulu Airport.

You may see the corrected delivery date when the UPS planes depart (typically) after 12PM HST.

Another shipment notice will be e-mailed from Customer Support containing a PDF of your package slips and a tracking number

  • If you have multiple boxes, you may use 1 tracking number to search for all boxes in your delivery.


If there is any delay or changes made by UPS, they will send you an automatic notice. If Kodama receives the notice as well, we will forward it to confirm you have also been notified.


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