We guarantee the health of your koi during our 14 day holding period.
We will guarantee the life of koi for 48 hours from the packing time, providing that koi is shipped out within the 14-day holding period.

Shipping problems rarely occur, but they do happen. If you experience a problem with your delivery, please contact us as soon as possible by phone or email. Please also send photos of your koi if they are sick or dead and packaging if it is damaged. This will help expedite any claims and provide possible koi treatment solutions if necessary.

Shipping charges for our koi for sale are not refundable.

In the following cases, our guarantee does not apply:

When Koi is shipped out after our 14 day holding period.
When Koi dies or is damaged in customers pond due to the uncontrollable accidents such as jumping out of the pond, electric shortage etc.
When Koi was not quarantined in a separate tank in a proper and reasonable manner before Koi are introduced to new pond.

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