All koi purchases are final, and shipping charges for koi are nonrefundable.


Once we receive your order, it gets sent to the farm to pull from our big ponds and placed into the shipping area. During this process the farm will check the health status and any changes in the body. If there are any changes since the original picture taking customer service will contact you to confirm that you would like to proceed with the order.

We prepare the Koi and pack them in an oxygenated box for them to survive 24-48 hours depending on the environment.

Certain physical changes may occur from the time the koi is packed to when you receive it. During this long travel time, it common that the koi may show signs of illness but not to worry it is just stress.

Here are a list things you may experience:


  • Faded color.
  • Black color, especially, may get lighter due to its stress, but it will come back over the time, so no worry.



  • Under active: No/Minimal movement
  • Over active: Jumpy

They are just exhausted and stressed from the long journey. Please maintain the salt level at 0.3-0.5% and provide a lot of aeration. They will recover over the time.

We are unaware of delivery times, as UPS does not provide a guaranteed delivery time. Depending on your local drivers, your delivery may arrive in the morning or late evening.


In the following cases, our guarantee does not apply:


  • When a koi is shipped after the holding period (special situations are dealt with on case-by-case basis).
  • When a koi is not quarantined in a separate tank before being introduced to a new pond (see how to properly quarantine koi).
  • When a koi in a customer’s tank or pond dies or is injured due to the uncontrollable accidents or incidents such as jumping out of the pond, electrical shortage, predators, etc.


For More Details On Shipping Policy, Click Here!


Our holding policy will be updated 04/15/24

As an effort to stay within the guidelines of our farms health recommendations ensuring our promise to deliver beautiful and healthy Japanese koi. Holding koi in shipment for too long puts the koi at risk.


Kodama Koi Health Guarantee: 

It is very rare that Koi arrives dead.  We import tens of thousands of Koi from Japan every year. We hardly see DOA (dead on arrival). 

However, when delivery gets delayed due to some issues of carriers like UPS, Cargo flights etc., the life of Koi gets in danger.

What Koi Health Guarantee Includes:

  • Ensures koi arrive alive
  • In the case of DOA, Kodama Koi Farm Will provide store credit of koi value up to $500 per shipment

Valid only if 

  • shipment date is within 30 days from date of purchase
  •  all safety guidelines were followed. 
  • payment was received 3 days after winning auction

Beyond 30 Days, 

Boarding rules apply ($50 per month per koi, no pro-rate)

  1. Contact customer support if you are continuing to bid in order to fill your shipment box.
  2. If you need help finding koi, you may submit a koi request.
  3. Once a delivery date is confirmed, you have 7 days to change your delivery date and the koi health guarantee is void. 

(If the shipping date is postponed beyond 7 days, it will force us to move Koi back to a pond for health reasons from a holding tank. It causes extra stress on Koi. So we highly recommend that the shipping date should not be changed too much…)

Postponed shipments:

  1. In the event that KKF postpones the shipment beyond 30 days of the order date, Kodama Koi Farm WILL  honor  24 hour health guarantee/DOA situations
  2. In the event that the Customer postpones the shipment beyond 30 days of the order date, Kodama Koi Farm WILL NOT honor 24 hour health guarantee/DOA situations
  3. If no delivery date is set within 30 days, the order will be canceled and you will be refunded the total minus the restocking fee (20%).


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