Prepare a separate tub or tank for your koi to rest.

  • Although it depends on the size of koi, a 100-300 gallon tank will do. You can use blue show tanks as well.

Fill the tank with:

  • fresh dechlorinated water
  • well water
  • or better yet water from your existing pond, providing your existing pond stock is in good condition.

Filtration system for the tank is ideal.

  • If you do not have a filtration system, provide sound aeration with an air pump.

Keep the water temperature at 72 F or more.

  • If the tank was small enough, one or two aquarium heaters will do the job.

Please add salt to make 0.3% concentration. (3 lb salt per 100 gallon water)


Read all the details of koi care after receiving in your home.


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