Kaneko Koi Farm

As one of the first to create and stabilize the Kujyaku variety, this is definitely the breeder to buy from if you are looking for Kujyaku.
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Owner(s): Yasuaki Kaneko
Founded: 1961
Specialty: Kujyaku, Shiro Utsuri, Matsukawabake, Ginrin Matsukawabake, Goshiki, Ochibashigure, Hikari Moyo
Description: Mr. Takaaki Kaneko founded Kaneko Koi Farm in 1961. Being one of the first to create and stabilize the Kujyaku variety, this is definitely the place to visit if you are looking for Kujyaku. Yasuaki, his son, now takes over and expands the business. The farm's Shiro Utsuri and Matsukawabake are also excellent.
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Video interview with Kaneko Koi Farm

Hello, I am Yasuaki Kaneko from Kaneko Koi Farm.

Here, we mainly breed Kujyaku and Shiro Utsuri. We also have Kawarigoi, Beni Kikokuryu, and Ochiba. Every year, we change what we breed bit by bit, but we mostly have the same types of koi, so it’s a constant goal of ours to get better at making them. There’s not much in here right now, since it’s this time of year, but we have a lot around autumn, and that’s when Mr. Kodama from Kodama Koi Farm comes over and buys our koi, which is a great help. In Niigata, there are many breeders here who breed all types of koi.

Kodama Koi Farm is where you can buy from that wide selection of koi, supplied directly from Niigata, so we hope that you can enjoy the koi of Niigata through them.

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