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Owner(s): Kazuhiro Hirasawa
Specialty: Goshiki, Sanke
Description: In the early 1970's, Kanno Koi Farm was founded by Hiroshi Hirasawa. Him and his son, Kazuhiro, now work together to produce high quality Goshiki. They also produce Sanke. Their Goshiki has become very well known due to its high quality and winning awards around the world.

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Video interview with Kanno Koi Farm

This is Kanno Koi Farm. What we’re trying to have in our Goshiki, and what we would like you to notice in them is, if you look in here, the blue mesh pattern that’s unique to the Goshiki at our farm. There are some black ones too, but we try to make them as blue as possible. We’re aiming for a sort of Japanese wabi-sabi atmosphere. Please visit and have a look at our koi.

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