Enjoy This Customer Story About Elliot, A New Koi Hobbyist

Elliot V: “I’m a new hobbyist I just started in the hobby during covid like everybody. We were stuck in our house and started digging a koi pond and it’s crazy how the world and the universe just shows you everything you want to see and like many of you that started Googling koi fish and started learning and the more I learned the more I realized I didn’t know.

I was lucky enough to have wonderful people in the koi Community teach me all about all the varieties of koi, the koi health, how to make sure you have a great pond, how to compete with koi and how to grow happy big Koi. So I’ve been lucky enough to bump into Taro with Kodama Koi Farm and talk about with somebody who has a wealth of knowledge in over 25 years of working with his father and running Kodama Koi Farm.

I realized the amount of variety of koi he has and I don’t just mean variety like Gosanke, Showa, Kuhaku, Yamabuki Ogon. He also has a variety of prices from the $95 koi all the way up to the thirty thousand dollar koi and I think it’s absolutely awesome when you’ve got somebody that can not only be a mentor and an educator about the koi community and the koi hobby but also somebody who’s willing to share his passion and allow you to travel to Japan on a buying trip.

I say buying trip because shopping implies you just look and when you come to Japan these fish are so beautiful you’re not looking you’re buying because it’s all you can do to add these beautiful Koi into your pond if you ever have a chance to buy a koi from Kodama and Taro or if you ever have a chance to go to Niigata, Japan, I highly recommend it.

Hope You Have a great day”

In the photo above you have Elliot taking the photo with Taro Kodama on the end and Mr. Kaneko From Kaneko Koi Farm in the middle.

Video Interview With Elliot In Niigata Japan