Kodama Koi Farm will not release any new shipments of koi until after an intensive quarantine has been completed and the virus test has been completed.

Not only do we treat the koi with adequate and proper medications, use caring hands to scrape and microscope for any possible health conditions, we have also instituted the following additional quarantine procedures:

Every new shipment is quarantined at an isolated, access-restricted greenhouse on the farm for a minimum of 30 days.

The pond water is kept warm around 72 degrees F. We purposely create the surroundings where bacteria, parasites, fungus and even virus can break out.

During this period, they will also be kept with KHV-free koi. These koi will be used much in the same way as canaries did in the old coal mines. If there is any problem in the shipment, the koi will catch it right away.

After the quarantine, regardless if the koi becomes sick or not, we will send them to the laboratory to make sure they do not have any hidden or invisible diseases.

No koi will be sold from this shipment until we have a clean bill of health confirmed by the laboratory.

In addition: When we import koi directly from breeders, our buyer’s team carefully examines koi before we purchase them.

Read all the details of our koi care and quarantining.

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