Choice Pack

Tamasaba Goldfish

Enjoy how these small koi grow up to be even more beautiful!

Great price for Japanese bred koi at a small size you can watch grow up. Build your very own pack from our Tamasaba goldfish ($39 each). Supply is limited, so make sure to build your pack today and secure your order!

Tamasaba goldfish are a rare ornamental goldfish from Japan and this batch is from Kaneko Koi Farm. They are hardy and can grow large for goldfish—up to 10 inches. Their bodies are round with arched backs and long, flowing tail fins; and they have solid red and white skin patterns. They can live in the same pond as your koi! And they eat the same food, too. If you own koi already and want to add a new ornamental fish species easily, try a couple Tamasaba goldfishes.

Enjoy watching your koi bloom as they grow!


NOTE: As a part of the Choice Pack program, koi are randomly selected to fulfill your order. You can make requests, but it is truly Kodama's Choice. Purchase any combination of 10 or more Tamasaba goldfish and receive FREE shipping on your order.

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