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Taniguchi Koi Farm


Mr. Taniguchi is a gifted breeder from south of Japan. We do grow out contests with his Koi every year. So I am sure many of you may be familiar with the quality of his Kohaku and Sanke. He always surprises us with the quality of his Koi. This year, he did it again. This time, it is not Gosanke, but Kawarimono or unique Koi.

It is called "GOLDEN CORN." Please see the transformation pictures of his golden corn. The transformation is nothing but breathtaking. Being in the industry, I have pretty good idea how Koi may turn out as it grows. But the change of this variety is simply unpredictable. Unexpected transformation and unexpected growth (they have DNA of over 40" chagoi) are the highlight of Golden Corn.

I do not believe too many golden corn are available in the US yet .I am very happy that we can offer this surprising beauty. 

Golden Corn Transformations:

Tamasaba Study Tategoi Goldfish Are Finally Back and Ready!

Tamasaba goldfish are a rare ornamental goldfish from Japan and this batch is from Kaneko Koi Farm.

They are hardy and can grow large for goldfish—up to 10 inches.

Their bodies are round with arched backs and long, flowing tail fins; and they have solid red and white skin patterns.

They can live in the same pond as your koi! And they eat the same food, too.

If you own koi already and want to add a new ornamental fish species easily, try a couple Tamasaba goldfishes.

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