Air Cargo shipments are made on Thursdays only.


*Hawaiian Airlines is our primary provider.

All Hawaiian Air Cargo shipments will be sent pre-paid on Kodama Koi Farm’s account. We will invoice you for shipping once we receive the charges.

Shipping charge includes “Handling” Fee = $25 per box

Other providers may be used based on discretion and flight schedule from HNL. To request a different airlines, please provide us with the flight schedule when inquiring.


Hawaiian Airlines availability is based on flights from HNL on THURSDAYS

You may visit Hawaiian Air Cargo for more details

Locations available for delivery include:

  • CALIFORNIA (Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco)
  • OREGON (Portland)
  • WASHINGTON (Seattle)
  • NEVADA (Las Vegas)
  • ARIZONA (Phoenix).

To arrange this shipment method, a two-day advanced notice is REQUIRED. Additionally, our holding policy will also be applied to this service.

Holding Policy

Our holding policy requires customers to pick up their koi shipment within 2 hours after the plane has landed.

Please note: This delivery option is ONLY RECOMMENDED IF YOU HAVE A HIGH VALUE ORDER in which an airport pick-up can minimize risk.

Cost reduction on delivery is significant only if there are multiple boxes. Smaller quantity orders are still suggested to be pick-up at your local UPS Customer Center if travel time reduction is of concern.


See #10: Can I pick up at the closest UPS station?


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