You can expect a winner notification e-mail from us, containing a link to confirm your win that will take you to the shopping cart page. Or, you may click to view cart to process your payment(s) and arrange shipping.

You can also save your credit card information in My Account for easy checkouts in the future!

Please make payments within 3 days. Note that any forfeits on auction koi are subject to a 20% cancellation fee. No feedback within 6 days will result in your order being flagged for further escalation, which can include:


  • Warnings from Customer Service
  • A 20% restocking charge
  • Freezing your User Account

**Repeat offenders may be banned from purchasing koi on


This auction policy is created to ensure that our website remains the most trusted location for buying koi online. Please contact us immediately with issues making payment after auctions end.

Once your order is prepared, we will send you a shipping invoice a few days prior to your selected shipping date. Please let Customer Support know if you are waiting to buy or bid on other koi. All koi sales are final.

Use our Shipping Calculator to estimate your shipping costs and see how much more can be added to your box!

Make payments by visiting My Auction Activity and make sure to check your shopping cart before checkout!

If you would prefer to make payment and shipping arrangements by phone, please call us at +1 (833) Koi Love (1-833-564-5683)

  • Two full business days advanced notice is necessary for all shipments.
  • All shipping payments after charged after checkout. 


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