Fish Fest 2018


Saturday, May 19 & Sunday, May 20, 2018


  • FREE Classes by a Koi Expert

  • A huge selection of Koi & Goldfish varieties all weekend long!

  • Goldfish Races at he top of every hour!  Winner gets to keep their champion goldfish!

  • With a special speaker and racing fun, you can’t miss this event!

Free Class given by Taro Kodama each day

(Reservations are needed for the free classes, click below to reserve your spot)

Saturday @ 12:00pm – Koi Pond Filter Basics

Saturday @ 3:00pm – How to choose the best Shiro Utsuri.

Sunday @ 1:00pm – How to choose the best Non-Gosanke.


May 19 at 12 PM to May 20 at 2 PM CDT

14430 Manchester Rd, Manchester, Missouri 63011

Tickets Available


About Taro Kodama

Taro Kodama is the President of Kodama Koi Farm.  Kodama Koi Farm is the largest importer and distributor of quality Japanese Koi in the U.S.

Their Farm carries 35,000+ Japanese Koi for sale from the top breeders in Japan.  Kodama Koi Farm was founded in Japan almost 50 years ago.

“We’ve had the honor of raising award-winning koi, including six recorded champions,”  Taro said.  He also said he loves sharing knowledge and expertise to grow the hobby of Koi keeping.

Kodama believes being close to the breeders is very important.  “Unlike other merchandise, we cannot make a design and ask the manufacturers to keep producing it for the rest of the year.

Every Koi is different.  We never know when we will come across a great Koi.  You need to visit the breeders often to make sure that you are always getting the best.

Simply not being there is a tremendous disadvantage.  I believe we are the only Koi dealer in the U.S. who has these advantages.”