During this zoom seminar Mr. Kawaguchi talked about Silkworm pupae and Koi. Silkworm pupae had been said the best koi food by all the breeders in Japan. It grows Koi big and beautiful.

We highly recommend you watch this video, join the conversation, and learn tips from Mr. Kawaguchi himself.

Some of the topics that was covered in the seminar:
– History of silkworm pupae
– Why does silkworm help Koi grow big and healthy
– How to tell bad quality silkworm pupae from good ones
and more!

Secret of Silkworm Pupea Zoom Seminar – Recap Video

Watch this recap video and learn how you can benefit your Koi by feeding them silkworm pupae!

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PowerPoint Slides – Secret of Silkworm Pupea Zoom Seminar

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