KOI TALK: Isa Koi Farm Recap Video and Slides

Join us for this special event which happened on Wednesday 5/27/20, where Mr. Taro Kodama interviewed and translated Mitsunori Isa, of Isa Koi Farm. Learn the exciting details about his koi’s unique lineage during a zoom meeting which has been recorded and edited for you to watch the event, even if you missed watching it live.

KOI TALK is a brand new concept that features up close and personal sessions with famous breeders where you can ask questions, get to know a breeder’s process better, see their Niigata facility, and experience a virtual visit on their farm. It is a fun, unique, and community building experience!

During the seminar and in the follow up survey, attendees were asked to pick a new new name for Isa’s bloodline kohaku. There were some great names that came through the survey like Red flame (Akai Hono), Zig zag, and 未来の心。Heart of the future, but the final name selected by Mr. Isa to be used was “boss” by customer Finno W.!

KOI TALK: Isa Koi Farm Video Recording

View the edited recap from the event and watch over an hour of content from Taro Kodama and Mr. Isa.


KOI TALK: Isa Koi Farm Slides

Click on the slides or use the controls at the bottom to navigate through the slide deck.

I really enjoyed the in-depth information on what koi breeders work on for their individual bloodlines and their goals.

We thoroughly enjoyed the talk and got a lot of good information from Mr Isa on things to look for when searching for quality koi.

Excellent FIRST session! Mr. Isa gave a very in-depth and thorough presentation. I learned so much and I am so happy that I chose his koi farm to follow and concentrate on.

Learn More About Isa Koi Farm

Isa koi for sale and learn more about their history on our breeders page about Isa Koi Farm.

We thank you for tuning in and hope you will support this breeder by purchasing and displaying their hard work in your pond.