KOI TALK: Kodama Koi Farm Recap Video and Slides

In the seventh meeting of our series KOI TALK, Taro Kodama turned the camera around to discuss our koi farm, the history of our family, and how we find the best quality koi for you!

We had a lot to review with 50 + years of family experience, 210 + award-winning koi in shows, 5 grand champions at the All Japan Koi Show, 500,000 + Kodama raised koi and 3,000,000 Gallons of pond space.

Taro Kodama breaks down our processes to give an inside perspective on our koi keeping strategies, facility, techniques, and help you learn more about the effort we put in to maintain the highest level of koi health and quality. Braden Goto reviews the many areas of our website, how to use the auction, koi request, get support on the blog, sort through our inventory, and more. Join our 1 hr presentation and Q/A!

KOI TALK features up close and personal sessions with famous koi breeders where you can ask questions, get to know a breeders process better, and experience a virtual visit on their farm.

Event originally was recorded on Thursday, May 13th at 2pm HST / 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT / 9am Japan.

KOI TALK: Kodama Koi Farm Video Recording

View the edited recap from the event and watch over an hour of content from Taro Kodama.

Top Video Clips from Recording:

How to Use Kodamakoifarm.com



Products and Events

History of Kodama Koi Farm


Koi Quality and Health


KOI TALK: Kodama Koi Farm Slides

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This is really helping me cope with pandemic. Gives me something to look forward to.

Greatly enjoyed your discussion.

Nice people and they give time to all others persons.

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