We are proudly “KOI EXPERTS” with 50 years of history as well as “KOI AMBASSADORS” promoting Japanese Koi throughout the United States. We are also considered the largest Koi farm in the United States providing authentic Japanese Koi, food, and care taking information.

Dear Koi Customer,

We greatly value your dedication to koi, which is probably what led you to us in the first place! To that end, we want to let you know about some updates to our visual identity. While we may look a little different, these changes are only meant to reinforce our tradition of supplying the finest Japanese koi to the U.S.

If you’ve visited our websites recently — kodamakoifarm.com or one of its sister sites, like kodamakoisupply.com — you may have noticed a new look and feel to the web pages.

We believe this new brand identity more boldly echoes our established 50-year tradition as the largest Koi farm in the United States providing authentic Japanese Koi, food, and information.

In fact, we’ve fashioned this new look to further support our dedication to quality, authentic Japanese koi, with a visual identity that expresses the traditions of Japan, the dedication of Koi artisans, and the beauty and enjoyment of Koi.

When you see the new logo, we hope it will remind you that we are Kodama — the best Nishikigoi distributor in the world!

Our Story as Koi Ambassadors

Explanation of New Branding

Our new logotype, symbol mark, slogan and illustration of our champion koi are designed to evoke a theme of “Japan and koi,” which has always been Kodama Koi Farm’s personality. This renewed visual identity also further drives home a strong sense of tradition and dignity toward our future growth as a premier distributor of Japanese koi to the U.S.

Same great koi, supplies, and knowledge!

As you browse the sleek new look of our websites, rest assured we’re supplying the same great koi products. You can still access fixed price, auction and wholesale koi at the click of a button.

Happy koi shopping!


Taro Kodama
Kodama Koi Farm

Taro Kodama