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Otsuka Koi Farm has many different varieties to offer. Not only the quantity; but the quality is superb, too.

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Owner(s): Yoshikazu Otsuka
Specialty: Ki Utsuri, Asagi, Aka Matsuba, Kage Shiro Utsuri, Ochibashigure, Goshiki, Koromo, Shusui, Kohaku, Showa, Kawarimono

Otsuka Koi Farm has many different varieties to offer. Not only the quantity, but is the quality superb too. One of his representative work is four steps Goshiki Sanke of Mr. Anabuki, honorary chairman of ZNA. He releases 200,000 fries to mud ponds in spring. By fall, he culls them three times to keep 5000-8000 fries. He scarifies 2 Koi to get one Koi. He also breeds other varieties.

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Video interview with Otsuka Koi Farm

This is Otsuka from Otsuka Koi Farm.
We have Asagi, Aka Matsuba, Kage Shiro Utsuri, Gosanke, Kawarimono, and more. We strive to breed koi that can’t be found anywhere else. Thank you.

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