Enjoy this Story of a Beautiful Pond Journey in New York

Once upon a time in New York, there were two backyard pond enthusiasts named Val and Thomas.

Val has had a special connection with the backyard pond, since the first day he toured the home to buy it. From the moment he laid eyes on the pond, Val knew he had found something truly special, and spent the majority of the tour admiring the current pond.

In the beginning, the pond was relatively small, holding only 1,000 gallons of water and measuring a modest 2 feet in depth. Val decided to start with a few comet fish to bring life to the pond. He nurtured and cared for them, learning the intricacies of pond maintenance along the way.

In 2004, Thomas decided to surprise Val while he was away on a trip. Thomas’s grand gesture involved transforming their backyard into a pond paradise, expanding it to a whopping 10,000 and 4,000-gallon ponds. Val was astonished by the dedication and love that Thomas had put into their shared passion.

With the new, more spacious ponds, Val’s dreams could expand, and he began to envision a diverse collection of koi swimming gracefully in the crystal-clear waters. Their koi family began to grow, and now they have around 40 to 50 koi, eight of which hailing from the prestigious Dainichi Koi Farm.

It was during his research online that he stumbled upon Taro, the owner of Kodama Koi Farm, who happened to be one of the first online sellers of koi. As the years went by, Val’s commitment to koi and his passion for pond keeping only deepened with the support of Taro’s family knowledge. Val also would visit Kodama Koi Garden in New Jersey frequently to gather knowledge and seek the best advice.

Strong Trust with Dealer

Val and Thomas established a strong bond of trust with Taro, and every koi that graced their pond has come from Kodama Koi Farm. The exception was a farm raised sturgeon they acquired as a tribute to their local Hudson River.

The couple’s pond journey was not without challenges. Once, a sudden bolt of lightning struck the pond, causing a devastating shockwave. They lost ten precious koi that day, but one miraculously survived, albeit with a broken back. That resilient survivor is now 18 years old, preferring to dwell near the bottom of the pond.

Their passion for ponds and the importance of good husbandry, led them to experiment with various filtration systems to ensure the health and clarity of their precious waters. Over time, they have had to redo their pond a few times, and now incorporate some of the best filtration systems like the Bakki shower, Zakki shower, Zakki Sievew, Bead Filter, and Rotary Drum Filter. Their dedication to maintaining the best possible conditions for their koi led them to have several as backup filters, just in case.

Val and Thomas have their favorites among their koi family and are especially fond of the Doitsu Lemon Hariwake, Tancho Kohaku and Doitsu Shiro Utsuri varieties. Although they were cautious about exposing their koi to the stress of competitions, they occasionally sought the expertise of Taro, who would show koi they purchase at Koi Shows and then ship to their home.

Best Care for Koi in Pond

When it came to providing the best care for their koi, Val and Thomas spared no effort. They exclusively used Mr. Kodama Koi Food and Manda Fu as treats. Their koi thrive on a healthy diet supplemented with Niigata Bio Balls, Koi Salt, and Health Supplements.

Their pond setup was a testament to their commitment to creating an ideal environment for their koi. They had a Firestone rubber bottom, a fresh water trickle, a bottom drain with an aerator, a feeding ring, a couple Koi Cafe auto feeders, a Therma Koi Heater, and Sequence pumps capable of circulating 6500 gallons per hour.

With each passing year, Val and Thomas’s dream pond grew into a symbol of their love for nature and their cherished koi family.

Their backyard oasis became a sanctuary of peace and beauty, a testament to their hard work, dedication, and the valuable knowledge they gained from their association with Kodama Koi Farm. Together, they continued to create a haven for their koi, sharing their joy and love with each member of their aquatic family.

Video Interview with the Happy Pond Owners

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