We now offer KOI insurance on shipments for an additional fee. 

At just 6% per $100 of your koi’s value

For example, if you buy a koi at $500, you can insure that koi for just $30!

What does insurance cover?

Although we guarantee a live arrival the insurance will help cover any damage due to delay or mishandling by the carrier.
  • Dead on arrival beyond the standard 24 hour guarantee (Read more about koi health guarantee here)
  • When there is freight mishandling causing injuries, open wounds etc.


How to pay for insurance?

We highly recommend insurance for orders $500+ to cover the additional costs* (* = koi value only) 

If interested, please specify in the check out area and it will be added to the shipping invoice.

You may also request insurance when the shipping fee invoice is sent to you (a few days prior to the shipping date).


If no insurance is purchased, neither Kodama Koi Farm nor shipping carrier will be held liable for delays in shipment or damages to koi.

Credit is approved case by case with managers discretion. 

Note: Shipping fee is non-refundable



How to file a Claim

Contact customer support at info@kodamakoifarm.com with the following media

1) Photos of the shipment box 

2) Video & Photos of the top and both sides of the koi.

Note: Proper receiving methods must be followed & contact must be made as soon as an issue is discovered.

A manager will review your request and a credit note will be sent with approved value.



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