KOI TALK: Izumiya Koi Farm Recap Video and Slides

In the eighth meeting of our series KOI TALK, Taro Kodama will be interviewing Mr. Ryu Mano from Izumiya Koi Farm!

Izumiya will explain how to look at koi so you can decide which ones to buy. It will also help you understand how to look at Sanke and Koromo.

KOI TALK features up close and personal sessions with famous koi breeders where you can ask questions, get to know a breeders process better, and experience a virtual visit on their farm.

Event originally was recorded on Friday, February 4th at 2pm HST / 4pm PST / 7pm EST / 9am Japan.

KOI TALK: Izumiya Koi Farm Video Recording

View the edited recap from the event and watch over an hour of content from Taro Kodama.

KOI TALK: Izumiya Koi Farm Slides

Click on the slides or use the controls at the bottom to navigate through the slide deck.

Nice people and they give time to all others persons.

Greatly enjoyed your discussion.

This is really helping me cope with pandemic. Gives me something to look forward to.

Learn More About Izumiya Koi Farm

View Izumiya koi for sale and learn more about their history on our breeders page about Izumiya Koi Farm.

We thank you for tuning in and hope you will support this breeder by purchasing and displaying their hard work in your pond.

Mr. Takayoshi Omosako