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We appreciate your interests in Kodama Koi Farm and hope we are able to serve you best to provide high quality, healthy, and beautiful Japanese koi for your pond. Please contact us with any questions or how we can help you better.

Taro Kodama

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Koi Care Specialist (Part & Full-Time)

As a Koi Care Specialist, you will be responsible for the care, handling, and management of our Koi fish. This includes tasks related to the shipping and receiving of Koi, as well as taking high-quality pictures of the Koi for our records and customer communications.

Administrative Assistant (Part & Full-Time)

As an Administrative Assistant, you will play a crucial role in supporting the daily operations of Kodama Koi Farm. You will be responsible for a range of administrative tasks, ensuring the smooth functioning of our office.

Famous Japanese Temples, Shrines, and Koi Pond Gardens

Famous Japanese Temples, Shrines, and Koi Pond Gardens

Japanese shrines and temples hold a significant place in the cultural and historical tapestry of Japan. They serve as sanctuaries of spirituality, cultural preservation, and natural beauty. These sacred sites, steeped in centuries-old traditions, offer a serene escape...

Roxann & Dwight E

Just wanted to thank you for the most lovely koi I have ever seen.My first shipment arrived today and they were fantastic!! I have 3 more coming tomorrow and several I am bidding on now. I breed koi here in florida for fun, nothing else. I have since finding your...

Jonathan H.

the koi is in its new home happy with my koi it is even better in life then the pic. thanks for all the work with a 2 year old asagi male.