Unlock the Beauty: Kodama Koi Donation Program Guide

Complete the form on this page to request your organization as a potential recipient of our koi as a charitable donation.

Requests from NPO’s or student groups etc. only — NOT businesses, like pond builders.

We have a large quantity of small Koi and hope to donate to the public to promote the awareness of Japanese Koi. It is our goal to donate to public institutions like; parks, agricultural, community centers, social services, government buildings, healthcare facilities and public schools for fundraising opportunities.

In return, we request pictures from the event for us to document on our website.

Step 1: Embrace the Koi Connection

Dive into the vibrant world of Japanese Koi with our donation program. This year, we’re giving away thousands of small Koi to public institutions and schools. Are you ready to be part of this aquatic adventure?

Step 2: Choose Your Haven

Select your preferred destination for our finned friends. Public parks, educational institutions – the choice is yours! Help us spread the beauty of Japanese Koi in places that matter most.

Step 3: Fundraise with Fins

Calling all schools! If you’re looking for a unique fundraising opportunity, our Koi can help you make a splash. Let these colorful creatures be your fundraising allies, turning your events into unforgettable experiences.

Step 4: Capture Kodama Moments

In return for the Koi, we ask for a small favor. Share your Kodama moments with us! Whether it’s a serene pond in the park or a bustling school event, we want to see our Koi in action. Your stories will become part of our ever-growing gallery on the website.

Step 5: Create Ripples of Awareness

The purpose? Beyond the beauty of Koi. It’s about amplifying awareness – for Japanese Koi and the Kodama brand. Your involvement creates ripples, expanding the reach of this enchanting tradition.

Ready to embark on this instructional journey with Kodama Koi? Complete the form below to start the process!

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