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Koi Of The Week: Kikokuryu




A wonder of a beauty...


I would like to introduce a beautiful Kikokuryu with great future potential.


Kikokuryu is a metallic version of Kumonryu.


Kumonryu is a black patterned white Koi and known for its dynamic change of its pattern. 


When you look at her, you can see her ground shines in platinum, especially on the head and fins. 

Sumi (black) markings are nice and solid. 

The pattern that goes on the side and along the dorsal fin is lacquer and excellent quality.  

You can also see her face has a lot of Sumi underneath, especially on the nose and cheek. They will come up. 

Just imagine how beautiful she would turn out once that happens.

Here is a matured Kikokuryu… 

She is not from the same breeder, but is the same variety. 

So you can see how powerful and gorgeous this variety can become. 


The beauty of this week is full of wonder for its potential of dynamic transformation in sharp quality of Sumi and platinum.

Enjoy this beauty in your pond!


Kikokuryu - koi #u0519t037


Sex: Female
Born in: 2020
Size: 17.32 inch

1 in stock

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