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Koi Of The Week: Kujyaku




Piece of Art Kujyaku

I would proudly like to introduce this piece of art Kujyaku from Omosako Koi Farm for the koi of the week.

Honestly speaking, I question myself on how much she would truly need my explanation, as her beauty simply stands out.

Her presence itself is a work of art.

On such a perfect Gin Matsuba body, such an attractive Kohaku pattern is well-placed. 

Because this is a metallic patterned Koi (Hikari moyo), the shine is no.1 priority.

You can tell her excellence of shine by just looking at her face, shoulder and back.

She is definitely a very high quality Kujyaku.

We bought her when she was just 2 years old and raised her here at Kodama Koi Farm for a year now.

I am very happy the way she came out.

 I would like to find a very good home for this Koi.

If you are interested in owning this very high quality koi, please contact Taro at sales@kodamakoi.com.  

Kujyaku – koi #t1229t001


Sex: Female
Born in: 2019
Size: 25.98 inch

1 in stock

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