Grow Out Contest: Omosako Shiro Utsuri Azukari

Enter the Grow-out Contest with Omosako's Shiro Utsuri

Welcome to the Omosako Shiro Utsuri Azukari Grow-out Contest. In this special event, you have the opportunity to:

  • get quality tosaiShiro Utsuri  ($349 each) from famous breeder—Omosako Koi Farm
  • see how they grow and develop over the summer at Kodama Koi Farm on Oahu, Hawaii
  • entered into a contest for 5 great prizes—grand prize gets over $300 in koi food

This is a great chance to get beautiful koi.

There are over 50 available, and many are already showing off deep sumi (black) on top of their white base. And the grey areas will most likely darken as the koi mature.

Currently these koi range in size from around 11–14 in (28- 36.5 cm), and they can grow large quickly with our Kodama Koi Food diet.

If you're imagining how these koi will turn out, come join this fun contest!

Omosako Koi Farm known for champion koi

MUSASHI  Change of Sumi 

Takayoshi Omosako , Takahiro Omosako. Omosako Pond in Hiroshima Japan

Why not get your Shiro Utsuri from the top breeder of this variety? Omosako Koi Farm is clearly the best Shiro Utsuri producer."

🏆 Five winners 

At the contest's end, there will be 5 winners selected by Taro Kodama for the following categories:

  1. Grand Champion—prize of 18 lb All Season and 18 lb ColorUp ($348 value)
  2. Omosako Champion x2  —prize of 18 lb All Season for each winner ($149 value)
  3. Jumbo Champion x2—prize of 5lb All Season for each winner ($53 value)

Contest terms

  • Kodama Koi Farm will grow your koi here with high quality koi food on Oahu, HI until August 31, 2019
  • Winners will be selected and announced a couple weeks or so later (TBA)
  • If a koi dies, Kodama Koi Farm will offer a replacement at its discretion
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