Taniguchi Grow Out Premium

Higher Quality Tosai Available!

Premium Tosai From Taniguchi Koi Farm! Not Part Of The Contest, but he will grow them at his farm until spring.

Available for purchase until Sunday January 8th!

Mr. Taniguchi is a young, rising star breeder


With Kohaku as his specialty, he builds excellent body conformation in his Koi.

The excellence of his Kohaku and Sanke have been proved already with many award winning Koi. 

He also specializes in Showa, Ochibashigure, Goshiki, and Asagi.

We're excited to collaborate again with him for his exciting tosai.

2021 ZNA International Koi Show Awards

Kohaku -- Young Champion

    Bekko -- Special prize 65 bu

      Goshiki -- Zipang Prize bu

        Best in Variety Ginrin

          Sanke -- Best in Size 25 bu

            Sanke -- Best in Size 45 bu

              Ginrin Kohaku -- Best in Size 50 bu

                Ginrin Kohaku -- Best in Size 55 bu

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