Koromo are excellent koi and one to stand out in a pond. Kormo, meaning clothes or robe in Japanese, have a beautiful Hi (red) pattern of Kohaku on their pure white skin and have an indigo blue pattern on each scale of it's Hi pattern. It is ideal that indigo appears in crescent shapes regularly on the entire Hi pattern.


How to Judge Koromo

It is not easy to breed a good Kohaku pattern for koi and it is much more difficult to put indigo in this pattern precisely on the Hi markings. A prize winning Koromo will not have indigo crescent scales outside of the Hi markings along it's body, but rather each red area will be draped in the indigo pattern.

The indigo colors on the Hi scales may look like black but the Sashi will show beautiful indigo. As Koromo age, their Ai markings may gradually darken.

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