Kumonryu, which is known as the flying dragon of koi, originated from Karasugoi. They are Doitsu (scale-less) koi that have a very black  (Sumi) pattern, on top of a silky white skin. This fascinating koi can change colors during the year from completely black to completely white!


How to Judge Kumonryu

Sumi was originally a protective coloring, and it is likely to become lighter when it is in a bright pond. The black can drastically change depending on the environment due to water temperature, changes in the water, and even stress.There are not strict rules on how and where the Sumi should create a pattern on this koi. The value depends on how artistic the markings are.

This koi would be categorized to the class of "Kawari mono" at Koi shows and has black patterns that run the lengthwise down the body. If you study koi, you can tell the difference between the Kumonryu from the Doitsu Shiro Utsuri beacuse the Sumi of the Kumonryu appears as one solid Sumi on the whole body, while Doitsu Shiro Utsuri have independent Sumi patches.

This variety tends to have imperfect tails or fins, so look for good body formation and deep Sumi colors.

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