Yamato Nishiki

Mr. Taniguchi is a young, rising star breeder


With Kohaku as his specialty, he builds excellent body conformation in his Koi.

The excellence of his Kohaku and Sanke have been proved already with many award winning Koi. 

He also specializes in Showa, Ochibashigure, Goshiki, and Asagi.

We're excited to collaborate again with him for his exciting tosai.

2021 ZNA International Koi Show Awards

    Kohaku -- Young Champion

      Bekko -- Special prize 65 bu

        Goshiki -- Zipang Prize bu

          Best in Variety Ginrin

            Sanke -- Best in Size 25 bu

              Sanke -- Best in Size 45 bu

                Ginrin Kohaku -- Best in Size 50 bu

                  Ginrin Kohaku -- Best in Size 55 bu

                    Welcome to the Taniguchi Koi Farm Grow-out contest. In this special event, you have the opportunity to:

                    • Get quality tosai - Ginrin Kohaku, Golden Corn, Bekko, Ginrin Showa, Kohaku and more!
                    • Koi are $497
                    • Entered into a contest for 3 great prizes
                    • See how they grow and develop over the winter at Taniguchi Koi Farm in Hiroshima

                    There are over 200 koi available to choose from.

                    Currently these koi range in size from around 5 - 8 in. (12-20 cm), and they will grow large very quickly while at Taniguchi Koi farm.

                    If you're curious how these koi will turn out, come join this fun contest!

                    This is a great chance to get a beautiful koi. 

                    Three winners 

                    At the contest's end, there will be 3 winners selected by Mr. Taniguchi:

                    1. 1st Place - Mr. Kodama Koi Food Color-Up
                    2.  2nd Place - Mr. Kodama Koi Food All Season
                    3. 3rd Place - Mr. Kodama Koi Food All Season

                    Contest terms

                    • Mr. Taniguchi will raise them at his facility during the winter for FREE
                    • The price includes free boarding, free shipping from Japan to Hawaii, and free quarantine with KHV test
                    • Around the end of April, Mr. Taniguchi will harvest the koi and judge them
                    • Kodama Koi Farm will host a ZOOM call in Late May to announce the winners and have a conversation with Mr. Taniguchi
                    • If a koi dies, Kodama Koi Farm will offer a replacement at its discretion

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