Customer Testimonials of Kodama Koi Farm

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2002 Customer Testimonials


I would like to let you know how much I am enjoying the Koi that I recently won at auction.
Each one is doing well and are enjoying their new home.Thanks for providing such a great service to the Koi community.
-Christopher P.

just a quick thanks for the beautiful aka mutsuba i got on auction.he arrived in great shape,and was as represented on the online auction.he is residing in a two thousand gal koi lagoon with four other friends.i will recommend you highly to all my friends here in denver,colorado.also thanks for the thoughtful and professional packing effort.
-William G.

Dear Mr. Kodama,I received the other Koi on Saturday and all is well. They are in perfect healthy condition and me and my father are very happy about the quality. I won some more last night and have some more I would like to bid on. Thanks again and I will talk to you soon. Have a nice day.
-Paul D.

I must tell you that your shipping preparation is second to none, including shipments I have seen directly from Japan. I know that less diligence on your part in packing would surely resulted in the mortality of one very nice showa.
-Mike P.

Hi Taro,

Koi arrived safe and healthy about 9:30 AM via UPS.
Swimming free and eating like a horse this evening including a slice of watermelon.
Beautiful fish. We will keep her well.

-Nick C.

Dear Mr. Kodama,Greetings Sir! I wanted to let you know that the 4 Koi I purchased from have arrived safely. They are resting quietly and I think should be fine. Some real beautiful fish here. Thank you again for your service.


-John P.

Mr.KodamaFish arrived in very good shape, all are doing well, again thanks ! Just a note, my pond is stocked with just the fish i have gotten from you, all are in great shape and growing. thank you again.
-Darron S.

Dear Taro,Enjoying the 2 koi received, they have adjusted and feeding well. I am very happy with them. Still looking for that elusive hi matsuba ogon!
-Mark T.

Good morning Linda and Taro,My fish arrived at approx 9 am – in GREAT shape. They are happily swimming around in their 400 gal Q tank as I write this. Look forward to doing business with you again in the near future.
Thank you
-Wendy H.

My fish arrived Friday morning in great shape, and looks very happy in it’s new home. I will say that you need to get a new camera to take pictures of the fish because the picture posted did not do this fish justice. It is even more beautiful than it looked in the picture when I bid on the fish. Thank you very much and I hope to find some more beauties in the future.
-Kerry M. H.

Dear Mr. Kodama,
The koi arrived this morning. She is healthy and beautiful! She is following the other fish on pond tours and eating already.
Thank you so much!
-Karen T.

They are now in the Q tanks. As I was feeding the other fish in the tanks they came up to eat, so I fed them also. I am very pleased with my dealings with you as this is the first time I have bought fish from you. Rest assured that it will NOT be the last.Thank you again for the quick service and the staff that you have was very attentive to the customer’s needs.
-Daniel M.

Mr. Kodama:Thank you for the tracking number, however, FedEx was at my door early this morning even before I had a chance to read my email.

The Koi are MARVELOUS! Thank you so much. I am VERY pleased! They both looked very well fed. Just like mine!

-David A. N.

Great job’ the fish have been here 3 hours now and seem to be doing fine in the isolation pond. Swimming nicely around the bottom of the pond . Thanks a lot for your trouble.
-Van A.

Dear Taro,

Koi shipment arrived this am. This is the best packaging yet – No leaks with triple bagging! 2 X ice pack was still cool and kept water temperature down. Koi in excellent condition, very lively and adjusting to local water and temperature.

Thanks again for shipment.

-Mark T.

Dear Mr. Kodama-

My Koi arrived at 10.35am just as you said. He is in good shape and beautiful. Thank you.


-Paul C.

The koi came in good time. He’s recovering nicely in my quarantine tank and seems to be in good heath. Thanks for the great care you took of him while I was in Australia.
-Brian W.

Everyone arrived safely and are relaxing in a quarantine tank. Thanks for all the effort to ship my koi safely. I was a little reluctant to purchase so many fish from you on my first order, but my new friends are relatively beautiful!!!
-Chris W.


Linda, The fish arrived today on time . They all appear to be ok .The big one looks a little stress but I think that’s normal for a big fish!! Please let Mr. Taro know that I am very pleased with the quality of the fish and the condition.
After receiving the fish I realize his concern with shipping them in three boxes. He’s a very wise man! …Thank you for all your help and your courtesy and your customer service skills. If you or Mr. Taro are ever in the Chicago area please call me I would love to meet you both and show you birds.
All the best
-Tony R.

Hi Linda—-I just wanted to let you know that my koi arrived safe and sound! They are all gorgeous and I’m tickled to death with them. Thank you for your kindness and promptness. You will be talking with me again and again I’m sure.
-Gary H
2003 Customer Testimonials
Dear Sir,
This is the first time I used for Koi Auction. The fish look great, they arrived as I had picked them up at my local koi store. One of them started to eat as soon as I fed them. I expected the fish in a sadated state but they looked as healthy and alert as the fish I have in my pond. You can bet I’ll recommend your site to other people I meet. Thanks for everything a I’ll be back for more fish………. Sincerely yours,
-David V.
California, 2.14.2003 .

Greetings, Taro!!

I enjoyed visiting with you on Saturday. Your establishment certainly is growing. I am extremely pleased with my purchaes of koi also. The colors are balancing my pond very harmoniously,and the koi are all doing well. I especially admire the beautiful Ogon. She is a very elegant fish. Please remember that I am still looking for a ginka and a ki Utsuri (with gin rin ?)
Thank you for the gracious help you have given me.

-Jarmila S.
California, 4.19.2003

I am so…that’s an understatement..I’m so EXCITED. I LOVE the first koi I got from you and this one will be as spoiled and treasured as the first..and I’m just a hobbyist..not a “show koi” person.
-Sharon H.
Florida, 4.20.2003 .

The koi arrived safely and they are WONDERFUL, especially 2986 and 3015.Thanks again. (I’ll probably bid tonight.)
-Robert W.
Florida, 4.21.2003

We received our koi last night and he is just beautiful!! He’s a lot better than we could have imagined actually. I just wanted to let you know he arrived and all is well. Please send me the photo of the Midorigoi that we talked about when you can.
-Tim C. & Brenda E.
Florida, 4.24.2003 .

Greetings Mr. Kodama,

I would like to say thank you to you and Mr. Igarashi for these most beautiful fish. It was only yesterday that I was able to truly appreciate the beauty of thee fish after releasing them from quarantine into the pond. They are a much appreciated addition and I will look forward to many years of enjoying their beauty.
Please forward my thanks and appreciation to Mr.Igarashi for these fish and for his hard work in producing such beautiful art for us to own.

-Mitch R.
Washington, 5.1.2003

Good Morning. I just wanted you to know that it has been one month since the two koi I bought from you arrived. They are both doing well, eating heavily and growing considerably.
There have been no health issues and quarantine has been ended. I am very pleased.
I only wish my pond was larger so I could acquire more. Perhaps in the near future.Best regards,
-Michael M.
Florida, 5.7.2003

Hello Taro and Linda, The Koi arived, I picked them up at airport about 10:30m AM, I had them in their quarentine tank by 11:30 or so. The fish are so beautiful, each and everyone the HI Utsuri, is impressive since he is a little larger as is the gin rin showa. but all the fish are fabulous in their own way. The shipment still went to Memphis first but still made it in a day . I will try and get picture of our ponds tomorrow, I have been a little busy.
Thank you again for your help and service,P.S. I haven’t had time to review it but the quality of the Koi book of Mr.Kodama looks to be superb. Thanks,
-Mike and Debbie K.
Nebraska, 5.7.2003

Dear Sir:
My fish arrived in wonderful condition, and is just beautiful.
I will certainly be purchasing from you again.
-Jane E.
Pennsylvania, 5.19.2003

Just wanted to let you know that she arrived safely. She is even more beautiful than her picture (which was amazing)! Once again, I am overwhelmed by your quality and shipping! Thank you so much!
-Katharine W.
Georgia, 6.26.2003

dear sirs,
i picked up my koi this morning. they are beautiful and arrived in good health. i have them in a quarantine tank. they are doing well, but seem to be very skittish. i will probably add a cha to the tank in a couple of days to try to calm them down.the kohakus have excellent red coloring.

you have a great system for buying koi and i will recommend you to my friends.

thank you,

-Thomas R. H.
Virginia, 6.26.2003

Hi Taro,

The fish arrived right on the time this morning. They are all so healthy and strong. Even after the long journey from the West to East they are still so energetic swimming in the rinse tub few minutes after the arrival ( I passed them through two tubs and a salt dip before putting them in Q-tank).

I am please with the very high quality fish from you. I have been hunting for fish from many dealers and I think the fish that I received this time are one of the best batch. I am thinking of bringing them to the coming Koi America show in Chantilly, VA. And I am pretty confident that they will the winners for years to come as they get bigger and more finish.

I thank you very much, and will always highly recommend people to you – not only you have high quality fish with reasonable price but also the quality of your customer service is superb !
It is very pleasing and enjoyable to deal with you.

Sincerely your satisfy customer,

-Kuan L.
Virginia, 7.19.2003

I just received my koi and I am very happy with the purchase. The difference from local American koi is unbelievable. I mean the color and body of the fish are excellent. Anyways I will soon send pictures of my new koi when I introduce it to my large pond. I almost can’t wait for the next two weeks of quarantine to pass so I can see him in a real pond.Thanks Again,
-Galen R.
Maryland, 7.24.2003
2004 Customer Testimonials

The koi made it in. and boy do they look nice. The ki kujaku had a small blood spot on its top fin. it should be fine, i hope. no tear, just a blood spot. any tips? but outside of that they are doing fine. i can not believe what i got for the money i spent. you might have got the short end of the stick.or those that did not bid on them. i truly love how they look. the photos you all had on them did not do them any justice. they ROCK!!!! i can not wait till i take them to a show and see how they do. again thank so much. keep up the great work.
-Mike S.
WA, Dec. 2004

Hey Lori,
I just wanted to let you know the koi just arrived, and she is in great shape and enjoying her new pond! She seems to really like the waterfall and some rock structures around the shallow end. She is having fun racing around the rocks and back to the waterfall. I was also wondering if you knew if she has laid any eggs and if so how long ago?Thanks,
-David P.
PR, Dec. 2004

hi lori,taro,and stacy just want to drop a line the fish are beaties,everyone is swimming and healthy thanks so much talk to you soon have a great day!
-Diane B.
PA, Oct. 2004

Success!!! This shipment exceeded my expectations. The Koi are lively, look beautiful, your packing is superb and the water temp. is good. They are floating in their quarantine tank right now. Next week would be good to send the rest. I will definitely be purchasing more in the near and far future.Thank you Lori and Taro for all your diligence and attention to detail.
-David C.
HI, Sept. 2004

thanks so much for everything lori that’s all i needed it was my fault for not coping it the first time. you guys are great and have my koi business for ever, thanks again.
-Brian K.
NY, Sept. 2004

We have now purchased 13 Koi from you, including our last shipment of 3. We have been overwelmed with the quality of the fish, and the great partnership we have with you. We had a pond tour last weekend , and everyone said we had the best fish in our area. So , THANKS !!!!!!!!!!
It really is nice to have such a great place to purchase our Koi from, and we look forward to more purchases. We just got 2 Koi from your Kodamo’s choice, and are really pleased with each of them. Our Sanke we purchased last year from you won the friendship award at our Koi meeting with our English club. Elsie left the web address so you could look at it.Enjoy, and again thanks for all our wonderful Koi.
-Dan & Elsie B.
OR, Sept. 2004

Dear Laurie, I want to thank you for all the patient help you dedicated to me. I am a first time bidder. The Asagi that I bid on and WON was even more beautiful in person. You guys are really true to your word.
-Vincent M.
NJ, Sept. 2004

The Showa has arrived and is doing great in a 465 gallon quarantine tank. Over the past 9 years I have purchased koi from over 7 different dealers in the U.S. and I can say that your service, packaging and koi quality far surpass my previous experiences. Thank you and I look forward to doing business in the future.
-Kurt W.
IL, Sept. 2004

Hi All,
Hope that this note finds you all in good health and spirits. Sandi and I purchased a Beni Kumonryu , Shiro Utsuri , and a Doitsu Taisho Sanke from you back in June. Superb Koi. We were so impressed with the auction site, and the information given that we bought all three not just one or two.
When the Koi arrived, the packaging was excellent, the timing was on time as stated, and the fish were beyond our hopes and expectations. WOW!!! The size and color of the Koi were incredible. Sandi called me at work to let me know not only that they were there, but that I needed to come home for lunch to release them from their bags as the 17″ Beni was a bit much for her. She had allot of excitement in her voice, and that told me that I would not be disappointed when I saw the Koi. Again, well beyond my expectations.
-Tom & Sandi D.
OH, Sept. 2004

Lori, I picked up my koi today at 12:30 and all is well. The koi were quite lively and are now resting happily in quarantine. The Budo Koromo is fantastic! Please keep me informed about the midirigoi, I still am interested in that fish. Thanks for all your help.
-Glenn D.
IL, Aug. 2004

Could you please reply to this email and attach the full size JPEG of the two KOI referenced in the subject line? They just arrived and I realized I did not save the photos. I was able to save the thumbnails but would enjoy the full size pix as well. If at all possible, could I also have the BID page as well, I would like the breeder, size and other information for posterity. I appreciate this little extra stuff. The KOI are beautiful!
– Ray F.
NY, July 2004

Thanks to those of you at J.K.O. My Shiro bekko arrived at 9:45am this morning. They look great!!!!!! Being a first time buyer from you, I can say you all are the BEST.
-Dale A.
NJ, July 2004

2005 Customer Testimonials
Your company is very professional in every way. It is a pleasure doing business with you. I will continue to watch you auction and try to purchase more koi when I can win them at a price that allows me to resell them.
-Nicholas G.
OR, Dec.2005

Hello Taro,
I wanted to let you know how beautiful and healthy my fish is. It is without a doubt everything you said it was. All pink in the white has disappeared and the shiro is pure. The sparkling scales are the best I have seen. A nice always hungry fish of great quality.
Thank You.
-Joseph M.
OH, Dec. 2005

I received my koi today and I must say that they look even better in person. Thank you for careful care in packing them for their journey from the west coast to the east coast. They arrived in great shape and I look forward to watching them develope. Thanks again!!!!!!!
-Eddie L.
FL, Dec. 2005

Hi Taro.
I am inquiring about the Taisho Sanke you are featuring. Will this koi auctioned or is there a set price?
So far, I have been extremely happy with the koi I have purchased from you.Your staff have all been very kind to me. My koi are all happy and healthy!
Happy holidays to you and your staff.
-Henry K.
CA, Nov. 2005

Taro/Lori ,,my filet mignon,,fish food had arrived by the time I got home ,frist thing,s frist The new baby,s go into the q-pool,,,the kumonryu is so gorgious to be hold in person ,,It was a beauty on my computer screen but to see it swimming in the little 2 ft x 6 ft pool ,,the scalation on it,s head is like a little crown,,for this little prince or princess,,This will give great pleasure to watct this one develop in year,s to come.. I,m proud of all my JEWELS but this one is like a little neon light,with gracful swimming motion,,,NO sign,s of stress in our return trip home..AGAIN my thank,s to the breeder,s and all of there patient,s and expertese ,, To your father and his sharp eye and communication with the breeders, Taro and staff are ichiban
-Dr. Jim M.
CA, Nov. 2005

Hi..I am crazy about the two koi I purchased from you. They are both beautiful and healthy. I have just bid on another koi. If I win, I will be out of town when the auction ends. I just wanted to contact you before, just in case. I will return monday, and will contact you about payment at that time. Once again, thank you…
-Dr. Robert S.
CT, Oct. 2005

My wife called today and spoke to your company about shipping and adding other fish, as has been the case in every communication you and your entire staff were very professional and a true joy to work with. I look forward to the start of a long and happy relationship. We hope that next year we can visit your location.

Thank you again for excellent service.

-Rick K.
CA, Sept. 2005

Hi, the koi arrived this afternoon in good shape and they are quite healthy-looking and very hungry. They’re in the quarantine tank now for the next two weeks. Thanks for the great service and for the opportunity to buy some high quality koi at good prices! Aloha!!
-Dennis S.
HI, July 2005

Just a quick note to let you know that the koi arrived alive and in OK condition this afternoon. The koi look beautiful and passed through the Agricultural Inspection with no problems. Thank you so very much! Aloha!!
-Dennis S.
HI, July 2005

Hi Taro,Hi Lori,
Thank you for your quick response. My mother just called me and let me know that my koi had arrived safely. He is beautiful and healthy! Thank you very much. I bought him for my mother as a present. The koi is happily resting in our quarantine pond.You have the most beautiful koi! I only buy koi from Japankoionline! Thank you very, very much for such a wonderful service. My koi bring me so much enjoyment.
Take care and have a great day!
-Doreen L.
CA , June 2005



FL, June 2005

To all at JKO,

I just wanted to let you know that all of the koi I have received from you over the years have all arrived healthy and I have always been pleased with the quality of the fish I have received. They have all been at least what I have expected and in most cases been better than expected. Keep up the good work and I wish you continued success and good fortune over the coming years.

-William B.
FL, June 2005

Hi Stacy

We have our order and I want to thank you for getting the fed-ex driver back. He arrived about 20 min after you talked to my wife and she was relieved to see him. All the fish were in great shape and they do look better than the pictures.

-John W.
MI, June 2005

Hi, all,

The little showa has arrived in good order. She is beautiful and loves the pond and the other koi. I can hardly believe I have an Isa Showa in my pond. Wonderful!

-Kim H.
FL, May 2005

Hi Taro and Lori,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I love the RW-6L Lantern Cleaner. My husband and I have several ponds and quarantine tanks, all of which have different filters. I have always been intimidated about the cleaning process of all the other filters but the Lantern Cleaner is so easy for me. I hope that someday we can replace all our filters with Lantern Cleaners which presents such a delightful touch of Japanese decor in addition to adding extra aireation.


-Judy B.
FL, April 2005

Hello again,

Thank you so much for responding to my e-mail so quickly. I have to say that my experiences with JKO have been better than any other dealer without exception (and I have at one time or another purchased from 8 or more dealers). I trust your judgement and if you prefer that the koi be healed before shipment I can wait. I have about 11 years experience with koi so I’ve seen and cured my share of bumps and split fins and understand the time frame. I have mine indoors at the moment but suspect your water temps may still be higher and probably better for healing. Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


-Kurt W.
IL, May 2005

First I’d like to thank Taro Kodama for having such a Great Online Auction and an honest one where I am not afraid to bid on a fish and get something totally different shipped to me. (It’s happened to me already) So thank you Taro.
I am sure your staff is made of all wonderful people but, I spoke to one individual and I want to give her a special thanks. Yes its you Lori, you were great at giving me information, it was like you were reading my mind, everything I had on my mind to ask you about the fish or the site you had the info to me before I had a chance to ask and when I spoke to you on the phone I could tell right away you are a sincere person and I hope to do MORE business with you and I’ll be talking to you again Lori when I get back on that Bidders Board…lol
Ohhh I almost forgot to mention the fish, they are awesome, it was love at first site.Keep up the great work ya’ll are one Great Team.
-Richard M.
NJ, March 2005

Taro: The Aka bekko from Kawakami got here in great shape. Whomever packs your koi sure gets those rubber bands on TIGHT! Of all the places I get koi from, your person packs the best by far! Anyhow, this aka bekko is beautiful with excellent body conformation and simple yet wonderfully placed sumi. It is a wonder to me why more aka bekko are not produced. Anyhow, I’m glad I got this one (I almost didn’t as somebody bid right up to my max!) Hope all is going well.
-Tony M.
IL, March 2005
2006 Customer Testimonials

Just letting you know that I received the koi this morning and all is well. They adapted well. Already eating. Very nice quality. Thank you for the exchange in the Ogon. The ones you sent are very nice.
Your service is great and I recommend you to all my koi enthusiast.
Thanks again and looking forward to more auctions.”
NY, Oct. 2 2006

Greetings Kodama san ……….
Just a note to tell you that my /Suzusei Showa/ arrived this morning, and – as usual – I am very pleased with this beautiful fish, as well as with your excellent packing! Thank you for your professionalism; I look forward to many more purchases from you in the future.
-John M.
FL, Sep. 2006

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you all how happy I am to have received my first “auction” koi packing and delivery were perfect. Thank you again for a very smooth purchase. Again, I am extremely happy with my purchase and She will make a beautiful addition to my collection!!!Looking forward to my next bid,
-Mark C.
SC, March 2006

the koi is in its new home happy with my koi it is even better in life then the pic. thanks for all the work with a 2 year old asagi male.
-Jonathan H.
TX, Feb. 2006

FL, Jan. 2006

2007 Customer Testimonials
I just wanted to take a moment to thank the Kodama Koi Farm staff for working with me on the loss of one of my Koi. She was scheduled to be shipped today, but unfortunately died prior to my receiving her. It was utterly devastating to hear the news that the beautiful Kin Kikokuryu that I was so excited about had died. I was so looking forward to receiving her (as she was to be one of the highlights of my humble collection). The news momentarily curbed my excitement for Koi. However, the staff was very caring and accomodating and for that I wanted to express my sincere THANK YOU.
-Darrell N
3 Aug 2007

Just a few words to let you know the koi arrived perfectly. Triple bagged and cold packed – was incredible to see! Marudo tosai are now in QT safe and sound and look wonderful.
Thank you so much for your care and attention to this shipment.
Your services above and beyond are appreciated.
-Scott T
31 Jul 2007

My friends and I attended your summer exhibition this past week end.
We were very impressed with your operation – The guided tour by Taro was an informative and eye opening experience. Thank you so much for your hospitality and generosity. Your passion for koi was felt throughout the whole day.
Thank you so very much.
24 Jul 2007

Hi All
It has been awhile since I have been around, I have been enjoying the over 50 Beautiful Koi that I have bought from you. They are all growing and getting even more beautiful all the time, and wanted you to know that my only losses were jumpers who found a way out of the Q. tank.Thank You again, for such healthy beautiful koi.
-Debbie F
April. 25 2007

The koi are so BEAUTIFUL!!!! My beauties! I can’t thank you enough for your kind attention to details and all of my questions. You make “shopping” a joy. Your company is the personification of professionalism and courtesy. The diversity in selection and quality breeders is evident in every koi you show. I am very proud to own these beautiful and unique koi and I recommend you to every other koi enthusiast and “newbie”, like myself.
Thank you Taro, Lori, and Tammy for wonderful conversation and being so terrific. You’re the BEST!!!!!
Sincerely in Koi loving,
-Alix P
Jan. 29 2007
2008 Customer Testimonials
To Kodama Koi Farm, I just wanted to say thank you for the great service that I received doing business with you. It all started when I talked to some of the receptionists on the phone for payment and pick up advice. Then when I picked up my kois from the farm in Millilani the two people (lady & gentleman) were extremely nice and very helpful. I wish I got their names so that I could give them the credit they deserve. They made the rough drive out in the farm roads much worth while. I just washed my black truck before I went down there, now I know not to anymore. I already have won two more kois online and waiting to pick them up also. Plus I have 3 more kois I am bidding on right now. I couldn’t believe how nice the kois turned out and how healthy they were also. Now I really look forward to seeing the new kois in auction every so many days. You guys will definitely be seeing a lot more of me. Great kois and extremely great service!!! Plus I wanted to share that I have them feeding from my hand on the very same day that I had picked them up. I had no idea that these fish could be so friendly and not shy at all.
HI, 03/12/2008

Sheila, Thank you for all your help in getting the books. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely,
FL, 03/26/2008

Thank you Sheila for being a friend and making me feel at home at KKF. Enjoy!
HI, 03/27/2008

Mr. Kodama, you have a great thing going there and the best service and employees that I have ever dealt with. Hiro, Sheila, and Kathy are great assets to you and your company. I will look forward to doing more business with you and your employees in the near future. Thank you,
HI, 03/14/2008