We would like to introduce you to Jason Yates and Mrs. Yates, excellent koi keepers with several recent Grand champion awards. In this customer story we will be highlighting Pinky and Previous, two of his award winners; and discuss what it takes to win the highly esteemed and honorable Grand champion award.

Maybe coincidence or maybe not, there are several things in common between these highlighted Koi. They are both owned by Mr. and Mrs. Yates. They are both from Dainichi Koi Farm. They were both purchased at Kodama Koi Farm. An amazing commonality is that Mr. and Mrs. Yates purchased them when they were only Tosai (1 year old) Koi, and then raised them to be such beautiful grand champion Koi. Pinky and Previous Koi are now much bigger!

Mr. Yates says, “In 2017, my wife and I visited the Kodama Koi Farm while on a trip to Hawaii for our 30th Wedding Anniversary. We spent a wonderful afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Kodama, as well as Taro Kodama and his brother, Hidenobu Kodama, looking at all of the spectacular koi on their picturesque farm. We were so fortunate to have Mr. Kodama’s eye and expertise to guide our choices. Several of the Tosai we purchased that day have now grown into Grand Champions.”

In 2021, this beautiful Showa won Grand champion at ZNA Potomac Koi Show 88cm or 35 inches


In 2022, this beautiful Kohaku won Grand champion at ZNA Potomac Koi Show at 86cm or 34 inches

Pinky Koi

Dainichi Koi Farm
Born in 2016

Precious Koi

Dainichi Koi Farm
Born in 2016

Proud Koi Owner and Happy Customer

Story of Pinky – Showa Koi

This Showa was one of the 8 Tosai from the Hawaii trip. Thanks to the great husbandry of Mr. Yates, It grew spectacularly and developed such a massive and muscular body.

In 2018, it won Best in Variety prize at ZNA Potomac Koi Show

Best in Variety Showa – ZNA Potomac Koi Show

In 2019 it won Best in Size 7 prize at ZNA Potomac Koi Show

Best in size A7 — ZNA Potomac Koi Show

In 2021, it won Grand champion at ZNA Potomac Koi Show

Grand champion

When it was a young Koi, the Sumi might have been speaking too much. but as the body is being built, the power of Sumi and the body started to collaborate to express the powerful beauty. Everyone who has seen the Koi in person went speechless with the beauty.

One thing nobody knew about this Koi is that this Koi is a male. Yes, surprisingly, believe it or not, this Showa is a male. Everyone believes males can never grow big enough to defeat females. But he proved it wrong. If you get a right Koi with right bloodline and great husbandry, a male can grow beautiful to win grand champion.

Pinky, the grand champion Showa, has appeared on the cover page of Nichirin magazine, the official ZNA magazine. It is probably the first time the American champion had the privilege and the honor. It will now appear on the cover of RINKO, the world’s 1st Koi magazine.

Story of Precious – Kohaku Koi

This Kohaku was also one of the Tosai from the Hawaii trip. Comparing to Pinky, this Kohaku carries rather elegant beauty. Her name is precious. This Koi is a female. From a young age, she had such a great pattern. And as she grows big, the body enhanced her presence even more. Every Koi show she went to, her beauty pleased everyone.

In spring of 2022, she won reserve grand champion at ZNA Carolina Koi Show. In fall of 2022, she won grand champion at ZNA Potomac Koi Show.

When she was young, she had great pattern and very nice looking, but there was nothing more. However, with the great husbandry, as she gains weight, length and girth, she has matured into such a gorgeous one.

The highlight of this Koi, in my opinion, is the body. The head is big. The body is huge. The tail is bold. Tree trunk-like body is the best you can ask for.

How Did The Koi Become Champions?

The success stories of these 2 Koi teach us important lessons.

To raise champion quality Koi, you do not necessarily get expensive Koi. All it takes is the eyes to get the right Koi and the care and the skill to raise them. I do not say it is an easy thing to do, but anyone can do this.

Mr. Yates says, “Keeping championship koi is a serious commitment. True pond husbandry requires effort 365 days a year in all seasons and every kind of weather. The rewards of that effort are worth it. Enjoying these magnificent living pieces of art brings us great joy every day.”

Kodama Koi Farm has been very fortunate to be the source of not only these 2 but more champions of Mr. and Mrs. Yates.