The first weekend of February, is the most exciting weekend every year, for the international Koi industry!

The All Japan Nishikigoi Show is now in its 51st year and was located at the Tokyo Ryutsu Center in Tokyo, Japan.

In 2020, the event occurred on Feb. 28 – March 2, with Saturday and Sunday as the days open to the public.

I visit the show every year not only to enjoy the graceful beauty, but also to study and reset my eyes for Koi.

This koi event is undoubtedly the world’s biggest show dedicated to koi!

For this one weekend, all the highest quality Koi and koi masters gather in one place. In my opinion, there is no better place, than the All Japan Koi Show in February. Here is the recap from my experience this year!


Taro Kodama and Mr. Mano, the owner of Dainichi Koi Farm.
Breeder of the grand champion at All Japan Koi Show 2020


We were in attendance this year and usually will go every year as a part of my koi hunting trip to Niigata. Maybe next year you can join us? Learn more about the unique Kodama Niigata Koi Tour where I take a few lucky customers to buy koi fish directly from the Japanese breeders, who may one day raise koi champions just like I witness at the All Japan Koi Show.

From the show this year, there are so many winners to talk about and every koi has its own beauty, but in this article I will show you the particular koi that grabbed my heart. What is wonderful about koi viewing is that everyone has their own appreciation for the art work and beauty presented by the living jewels.

I hope you enjoy my selections below and also take a look at our Japanese Koi auctions and koi for sale after, to see if any of our special koi also catch your eye.


Koi Show winners holding with their award certificate from the 2020 Nishikigoi of the World / 51st All Japan Nishikigoi Show

All Japan Koi Show / AJKS 2020 – Taro Kodama’s Favorites


Join me as I walk around the event and look at beautiful koi at the AJKS 2020 event. Below this video is a spotlight on the koi that caught my eye, including videos of each koi swimming so you can see their true elegance!


Grand Champion at All Japan Koi Show 2020


93 cm
Dainichi Koi Farm

Koi Description: Grand champion of AJKS is definitely the best Koi of the year. Grand champion Koi from past years are always beautiful. But No Koi impressed me as much as this year’s grand champion.

The body conformation is just like a tree trunk. The head is wide and square. Body is muscular. The tail joint is bold.

Her skin is lustrous and youthful. The beni is thick and red. The pattern is simple and powerful.

Just imagine the graceful swim when she has such a distinguished body with high quality skin and powerful pattern. Her presence is nothing but that of queen.

It is also worth mentioning that this is her second Koi show. She was entered to Nogyosai, the breeders Koi show in Niigata once a few years before. At the time, she won only honorable mention award. At the time she was much smaller. So the pattern looked boring and unattractive. This is a perfect example that body is no.1 condition of Koi’s beauty.

Grand Champion Video



Superior Champion at All Japan Koi Show 2020


Omosako Koi Farm

Superior champion is a title given to No. 3 Koi at the koi show. I have never seen a Non gosanke being placed this high at All Japan Koi Show. To me, it is a historic event in the story of Japanese Koi.

On such a strong sheen body, pine-cone patterns are beautifully laid out. Then, the stepping Kohaku pattern is pronounced.

Usually, Kujyaku, especially this kind of perfect one, will not grow as big.

You can tell it is a miracle to have all these perfect things happen to one single Koi. Of course there were Gosanke who easily deserved the title, but the rarity of the Kujyaku overwhelmed the others. I heard her win of superior champion was a unanimous decision. I 100% agree with the decision and respect all the judges who decided to award her for the superior champion.

Superior Champion Video



Mature Champion at All Japan Koi Show 2020


Kanno Koi Farm

Here is another historic win. It is very rare or at least unheard of that non Gosanke has won this title.

Even at this size, Beni is clean. Body is jet black. The beauty of contrast is mouthwatering.

Seeing her in person alone was worth the visit to the show from US.

Mature Champion Video



80 bu Male Kokugyo


Isa Koi Farm

Kokugyo award is the title given to the very best Koi from each size class (Bu in Japanese). And from the size 55 bu and up, there are male division and female divisions because female has the advantage of the body and skin. Female Koi have much stronger body and brighter skin.

While walking around, I was shocked and had to look at her twice. The body was so wide and powerful. At first I thought it was a female.

His body and striking design was such a beauty. The horizontal strip on the shoulder is my favorite part of this Koi.

Male Kokugyo Prize Video



Best in Variety at All Japan Koi Show 2020



The Best in variety award is awarded to the best Koi from each variety. Mujimono is the variety of plain koi just like Chagoi.

Usually, at this category, Chagoi or Karashi win the title. I would not imagine shiromuji (plain white Koi) would win. Her body and beautiful fukurin (netting pattern) are amazing. This is a great example that Koi is worth appreciation, if the body and scales are good, even with no color.

Best in Variety Video



80 bu Botan Prize at All Japan Koi Show 2020


Gin Matsuba
Omosako Koi Farm

Botan prize is awarded to the best Koi in each size class from Hi Utsuri, Shusui, Asagi, Bekko, Hikariutsuri, Hikarimuji and Muji variety.

Such a simple Koi, but her strong sheen and precise netting pattern, especially shoulder area, grabbed and held my attention for a long time.

She is such a gorgeous piece of art.

80 Bu Botan Prize Video



Another Wonderful All Japan Nishikigoi Show

These were just a few of the many, many beautiful koi I found at the show.

If you are a koi enthusiast, this is an event you should not miss and is worth the cost of the trip. Each year there are new surprises and excitement in the further growth of koi i’ve seen in the past. Koi in Japan are a very large symbol of family honor and as the historic beginning of koi, this show is more important than any others in the world.



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