Utsurimono Special Auction

Don't Miss Out On This Special Auction, Free Boarding Available For Utsurimono Auction Koi Below Until End Of April! 

Auction Schedule:


Auction Starts: 2024-03-02 4:00 pm HST

Auction Ends: 2024-03-06 3:00 pm HST

History Of Utsurimono

Utsurimono have a very fitting name as the base of their body is Sumi, or "black" and it means "reflection". There are three beautiful varieties of Utsurimono including of Hi (red), Shiro (white) or Ki (yellow). Having multiple different Utsurimono in your pond will steal the attention of onlookers.

How To Judge Utsurimono

The pigment and location of the Sumi is very important and should read the mouth and fins. The Sumi should ideally also wrap around the entire body of this koi. If a Utsurimono has an Ichimatsu, or checkered, pattern on its tail  or Hariwache, a face of half one color and half another, it is highly valuable.

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