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The Hoshino has devoted in Koi breeding for 92 years since grandfather's generation at the Mecca of Nishikigoi, Yamakoshi village. His Shiro Utsuri is especially known for its quality. Other breeds he works with includes: Aya Wakabe, Midorigoi and Goshiki.

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Owner(s): Hoshino Hideo
Specialty: Shiro Utsuri, Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Midori, Hariwake, Aya Wakaba
Description: His Shiro Utsuri is especially known for its quality. Another quality breed is Aya Wakaba. It is his creation of work. The beautiful green pattern on the doitsu body is simply unique and speechless. Midorigoi. Because Midorigoi is mainly Doitsu (scale less), it is hard to get good scalations on the back. His Midorigoi has good scalations and the color is excellent. Goshiki is also interesting. His Goshiki has its Hi stronger as it grows though it is very weak at the age of 1.

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