Spring Study Tategoi Part 4

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Dive into the Study Tategoi Part 4!


We hope you are enjoying part 1 and Part 2, but we are excited to offer you even more tosai from some of the most famous breeders in Japan. This is a great way to affordably access many different varieties of koi all in one spot. Normally full-grown koi sell for high prices, but with the Study Tategoi program (where koi are randomly selected for you) you can affordably get young koi and watch them grow and develop in your pond.

Great Pricing and Selections

This year we will be showcasing a Spring Study Tategoi Part 4:

  • Over 1,000 individual koi
  • 14 tosai varieties to choose from
  • 13 excellent koi breeders

Prices currently range from $69–$119. All are at great prices and randomly selected. These koi will likely sell out fast; so select your favorites!

These koi are all pre-selected by Taro Kodama and are top-quality koi, so requesting to select individual koi is not an option.

🚚 Special Shipping Rates

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What is the “Study Tategoi” program?


There are many ways to study koi. A lot of videos and articles are available on the Internet. You can have knowledge on the koi variety, breeder, how they may develop, etc.; but you can never get the experience online.

In order to fully understand koi, nothing is better than raising them yourself in your own pond.  Only by raising these koi in your pond, can you see the color, quality, and how they will grow and develop their beauty. As a hobbyist, you want to get this experience with minimal investment.

Study Tategoi program offers this experience at an affordable price. At Study Tategoi program, we select the breeder of a group of fine quality tategoi (future koi). By offering them randomly picked, Kodama Koi Farm can keep the cost low for you; and you get to enjoy a high-demand bloodline with confidence in quality.

Study Tategoi Continues!

Have you had the chance to check out part 1 and part 2 of our study tategoi promotion? There are still many different varieties of high quality study tategoi available for you to purchase. Check out part 1 and part 2 see what is left!

Featured Koi Breeders Part 4

It's not easy raising and selecting koi, but someone's gotta do it. Here are the hard-working breeders from Spring Study Tategoi Part 3. Enjoy!

Hoshikin Koi Farm

Katsuyuki Hoshino

Miyabi prize at 53rd AJKS

Hosokai Koi Farm

Mr. Masaru Hosokai

Masaru Hosokai is the second generation of Hosokai Koi Farm. His father, Shoichi, started the farm decades ago in 1971.


Hosokai breed Gosanke, Hikari Moyo, and also Asagi, Shusui, Goshiki, Koromo.


His koi turns out beautiful when it becomes more than 5 years old. Please keep that in mind. In other words, his koi will be show quality when it is big rather than when it was small and young.


Kanno Koi Farm

Mr. Kazuhiro Hirasawa

Mr. Kazuhiro Hirasawa

In the early 1970's, Kanno Koi Farm was founded by Hiroshi Hirasawa. Him and his son, Kazuhiro, now work together to produce high quality koi.


Mr. Kazuhiro Hirasawa is one of the young leaders among breeders in Niigata. His koi regularly appear in Japanese Koi Shows, and win plenty of prizes.


Want to learn more about Kanno Koi Farm? Click here to view our KOI TALK with Kanno Koi Farm.

Marudo Koi Farm

Mr. Hisashi Hirasawa

Mr. Hisashi Hirasawa

Being the chairman of All Japan Nishikoigoi Promotion Association, Mr. Hisashi Hirasawa leads breeders in Japan for a brighter future and higher quality Koi for people around the world.


Though he breeds many different varieties, his Taisho Sanke are especially popular.


We are very happy to share his Taisho Sanke tosai with you. Please experience and enjoy what his bloodline can do in your pond.

46th All Japan Rinyukai Superior Champion

Marushin Koi Farm

Mr. Mitsuhiro Tanaka

Breeds high quality Tamasaba.


Mr. Tanaka at Marushin Koi Farm is Dainichi in goldfish world.


He wins champion for 7 consecutive years. He aims 10 consecutive victories.


What we have available at this Study Tategoi is his champion bloodline of "Monster Legend."


Marusaka Koi Farm

Mr. Teruyuki Hiroi


Marusaka Aya Wakaba

Miyatora Koi Farm

Mr. Katsunori Miya

Mr. Miya is a humble, hard working Koi breeder of the established Koi Farm with three generations.


Any Koi from his farm meet the high quality criteria.


We are very happy to offer his fine quality Tosai with our study Tategoi program as the first time.



Otsuka Koi Farm

Photo of Mr. Yoshikazu Otsuka

Mr. Yoshikazu Otsuka


Mr. Yoshikazu Otsuka always have wide range of unique yet high quality varieties in stock such as Goshiki, Goshiki Sanke, Kage shiro Utsuri, Aka Matsuba, Shusui, Asagi etc..


In other words, no breeder in Japan breeds this unique variety. We are very fortunate to have them available for our study Tategoi program.

Oya Koi Farm

Oya Koi Farm breeder

Mr. Taro Kataoka

Taro Kataoka is one of the leading breeders in Japan. His Sanke has won many top awards at All Japan Nishikigoi Show.


We are very happy to share his tosai with you. Please experience and enjoy what his bloodline can do in your pond.


Kataoka believes HI's impact will increase as the Asagi ages, and you will see more of the red color on its fins.  

Taniguchi Koi Farm

Mr. Yoichi Taniguchi

Mr. Taniguchi is a gifted breeder from south of Japan. We do grow out contests with his Koi every year. So I am sure many of you may be familiar with the quality of his Kohaku and Sanke. He always surprises us with the quality of his Koi. This year, he did it again. This time, it is not Gosanke, but Kawarimono or unique Koi.

It is called "GOLDEN CORN." Please see the transformation pictures of his golden corn. The transformation is nothing but breathtaking. Being in the industry, I have pretty good idea how Koi may turn out as it grows. But the change of this variety is simply unpredictable. Unexpected transformation and unexpected growth (they have DNA of over 40" chagoi) are the highlight of Golden Corn.

I do not believe too many golden corn are available in the US yet. I am very happy that we can offer this surprising beauty.


Golden Corn Examples

Sakai Company Koi Farm

Mr. Yoshimichi Sakai

Sakai Fish Farm is the world renown champion breeder.

There are 2 brothers who really built the foundation of the current farm. They are father and uncle of Mr.Kentaro Sakai, the current owner.

After his father passed away, his uncle, Yoshimichi, started his own Farm, which is the other Sakai, Sakai Company Ltd.

With the experience and the eyes made the world famous breeder, He and his son, Motoharu has been breeding beautiful Gosanke. I do not believe their Koi are not much available in the US yet.

We are very happy to be one of the first to introduce Kohaku from Sakai company.

Sekiguchi Koi Farm

Mr. Masayuki Sekiguchi

Although Sekiguchi Koi Farm is an hour drive away from the center of Ojiya, Koi buyers keep visiting the farm. We are one of the them.


We visit Sekiguchi Koi Farm because of his Showa. As evidenced by Grand champion at All Japan Young Koi show, the quality of his Showa is proven. If you still do not have his Showa, it is a must.


Supply is limited. Please get your Showa before others take them.

The 32nd All Japan Young Koi Show Grand champion

Yamaju Koi Farm

Mr. Shigeyuki Hoshino


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