Taro's Spring Collection

The Best Of The Best

2021 marks the first year of our Taro's Spring Collection promotion that will be held every Spring. This year's promotion features 18 three year old koi and 11 of jumbo tosai from the top breeders in Japan.

Additional Details and Terms

The koi in this promo:

  • 3 year old koi will be ready to ship to your home immediately (unless noted otherwise in the product listing). 
  • Jumbo Tosai are currently under quarantine and will be ready to ship around April 15th.
  • when checking out please choose an available shipping date.
  • are unable to be shipped to Canada at this time
  • will have fixed prices, but a few may have "Call for pricing"
  • will show lengths approximated


    FREE Shipping Or FREE Boarding

    Jumbo Tosai

    • Available for FREE shipping OR FREE boarding (one or the other)
    • Ship between 4/15 - 5/15 for FREE (due to quarantine we can NOT ship immediately)
    • Board up till 9/30 for FREE and then pay for shipping

    3 Year Old Koi

    • Ship immediately for FREE
    • Boarding is available for a fee, If you are interested please contact us

    Taro's Spring Collection - Video

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