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Dive into the Study Tategoi Program for 2024!


We're excited to offer these tosai (koi less than 1-year old) from famous breeders for 2024. This is a great way to affordably access many different varieties of koi all in one spot. Normally full-grown koi sell for high prices, but with the Study Tategoi program (where koi are randomly selected for you) you can affordably get young koi and watch them grow and develop in your pond.

Great Pricing and Selections

This year we will be showcasing Spring Study Tategoi in 2 parts—Part 1 for March and Part 2 for April. For March, we're excited to share:

  • Over 1,800 individual koi
  • 18 tosai varieties to choose from
  • 8 excellent koi breeders

Prices currently range from $59–$129. All are at great prices and randomly selected. These koi will likely sell out fast; so select your favorites!

These koi are all pre-selected by Taro Kodama and are top-quality koi, so requesting to select individual koi is not an option.

🚚 Special Shipping Rates

Buy any Study Tategoi combination of:

  • 1–4 koi to ship for only $99
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Important: Available to ship after March 28th. Please give customer service 2 week in advance notice of your preferred shipping date. You can contact customer service at +1 (833) 546-5683 or info@kodamakoifarm.com

Study Tategoi part 2 of this promotion starts April 1st

What is the “Study Tategoi” program?


There are many ways to study koi. A lot of videos and articles are available on the Internet. You can have knowledge on the koi variety, breeder, how they may develop, etc.; but you can never get the experience online.

In order to fully understand koi, nothing is better than raising them yourself in your own pond.  Only by raising these koi in your pond, can you see the color, quality, and how they will grow and develop their beauty. As a hobbyist, you want to get this experience with minimal investment.

Study Tategoi program offers this experience at an affordable price. At Study Tategoi program, we select the breeder of a group of fine quality tategoi (future koi). By offering them randomly picked, Kodama Koi Farm can keep the cost low for you; and you get to enjoy a high-demand bloodline with confidence in quality.

Featured Koi Breeders Part 1

We're happy to share Taro Kodama's expertise below about these hard-working breeders. Enjoy!

Dainichi Koi Farm

Mr. Shigeru Mano

Mr. Shigeru Mano

In the Koi world, it is hard to find somebody who does not know the Dainichi name. It is synonym of champion quality Koi. As a matter of fact, he won the grand champion at 2020 All Japan Koi Show, the world's no. 1 Koi show.

Because of the quality and the highest demand for the limited supply, we feel very fortunate to be able to obtain Dainichi Tosai and share them with you.

Dainichi are always the first to get sold out. So please do not wait 'till the last minute.

Want to learn more about Dainichi Koi Farm? Click here to view our KOI TALK with Dainichi Koi Farm

Grand champion Kohaku at 51st AJKS (All Japan Koi Show)

Grand champion Showa at 43rd AJKS

Hiroi Koi Farm

Mr. Kazuyoshi Hiroi and Mr. Nobuaki Hiroi

Hiroi Koi Farm is one of the most established breeders with 80 + years of history in Niigata, Japan. Kazu and Nobu, the twin brothers says "they are very faccinated with the chance Koi can make.

Koi change its body shape, color and pattern as they grow. They have been famous for Doitsu Showa and Ginrin Goshiki.

What amazes us is that he always challenges new varieties and still produce high quality Koi. Producing high level Koi at one variety is hard enough.

The Hiroi twin brothers constantly add new varieties and seems easily breed such high quality ones. Shusui is a relatively new addition to Hiroi Koi Farm. One of varieites is Doitsu Showa, that is what makes Hiroi Koi Farm a must-visit destionation. No other places offer this many and quality Doitsu Showa. Please get at lease one. Or more.

All Japan Young Koi Show Tsubaki Award

Kanno Koi Farm

Mr. Kazuhiro Hirasawa

Mr. Kazuhiro Hirasawa


Mr. Kazuhiro Hirasawa is one of the young leaders among breeders in Niigata.

Goshiki from Kanno Koi Farm are definitely of top quality and highly demanded.

The amazing beauty of Kanno's Goshiki that won the mature champion over Gosanke at the recent All Japan Koi Show is still refreshing!

Want to learn more about Kanno Koi Farm? Click here to view our KOI TALK with Kanno Koi Farm.

Mature Champion at All Japan Koi Show 2020

Nogyosai Special Award Winner

Kawakami Koi Farm

Mr. Kenji Tani

Mr. Kenji Tani


This almost 100 year old koi farm has bred many quality Koi over 4 generations. His Beni Kumonryu is always in high demand.

Beni Kumonryu itself is a hard varitety to come buy.Because of difficulty, there are not many breeders who breed the variety.

Mr. Kawakami is one of the few. We carefully examined the quality ones for the Study Tategoi program. Please enjoy the quality and the dynamic change of his Beni Kumonryu



Tsubaki prize winner (35 bu) at 47th All Japan Koi Show

Maruhiro Koi Farm

Mr. Hironori Hirasawa

Mr. Hironori Hirasawa


Being a brother of Marusei Koi Farm, it's no wonder that Mr. Hironori Hirasawa likes JUMBO.

He loves any Koi that grows big. When you go to his farm, you can feel his passion. His facility is always full of Koi, especially large ones regardless of the season.

If you can not find what you look for at Maruhiro Koi Farm, chances are that you will not find it any other places. He is one of buyers' first and last stops in Niigata.

If you want a Koi that is high quality and grows big, definitely get his Koi.

Omosako Koi Farm

Mr. Takayoshi Omosako

Mr. Takayoshi Omosako

There is no question that Omosako Koi Farm is the very best breeder of the Shiro Utsuri variety.

Taking the highest quality as granted, the body of his Shiro Utsuri is very hard to compete with. No Shiro Utsuri from other breeders can have the quality and the size in one. This is why his Shiro Utsuri surpasses everybody else's and always wins at the All Japan Koi Show.

It is very appreciated that Mr. Omosako consistently helps us obtain his valuable tosai and makes them available for you, our clients.

Want to learn more about Omosako Koi Farm? Click here to view our KOI TALK with Omosako Koi Farm.


Sakazumme Koi Farm

Mr. Shinsaku Sakazumi


Mr. Sakazume thinks Koi breeders must be an artist with breeding skills. Mr. Sakazume definitely fits into the definition of the breeder.

With his pride as an artist and the skill, he became a master of Aigoromo. Aigoromo is a variety that has indigo on its Kohaku pattern.

The contrast of its Ai (indigo) and the show white is beautiful.

As the production of Aigoromo itself is small and limited, I encourage you should not miss this great opportunity to get his world famous Aigoromo.

Shinoda Koi Farm

Mr. Masanori Shinoda

Mr. Masanori Shinoda

When we talk about Shinoda Koi Farm, Hi Utsuri, Doitsu Showa and Ginrin Showa are the reason to visit.

 His Hi Utsuri is especially second to none. Just like Omosako Shiro Utsuri, no breeder can touch Shinoda’s Hi Utsuri.  His Hi Utsuri is a regular winner of Best in Variety award at All Japan Koi Show. As a matter of fact, he won the title for the last 3 consecutive years.

We also raise his Tosai Hi Utsuri at our farm. This Koi was Tosai in 2018. She is now 24+ inches at our farm. Every Hi Utsuri in this program has the potential

Want to learn more about Shinoda Koi Farm? Click here to view our KOI TALK with Shinoda Koi Farm.

Raised From Tosai At Kodama Koi Farm

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