Koi Show Auction

Auction Starts Saturday August 13th and Ends August 17th

Date: 08/13 4:00 pm - 08/17 4:00 pm

*Note Start and End Times are Hawaii Standard Time.

Win a Koi at our Auction and that Koi will be automatically entered into the Young Koi Show for FREE! If you would like to enter any other young koi it will be just $5 per koi you want to enter. 

You have a chance to win some great prizes and the major winners will be published in Rinko Magazine!!

2nd Annual Kodama Virtual Young Koi Show! - Registration Closes August 18th!

The goal of this koi show is to educate & promote the joys of koi keeping as a hobby.

We hope to encourage your interest in learning great husbandry for keeping Japanese koi and to support efforts to create more koi masters.

Meet Our Prestigious Koi Show Judges!

Mr. Ryu Mano

Izumiya Koi Farm is one breeder with a long history in Niigata. It is well-known that Mr. Ichiro Mano, the founder of Izumiya and grandfather of Ryu, was the top Mekiki (keen eye evaluator) of Koi and has dealt with many high qualtity Koi back then.


He is also well-known that Izumiya is synonymous with Ogon. No breeder in Niigata can compete with Izumiya when it comes to Yamabuki Ogon.


Their quality, body conformation, strong yellow shine, and Fukurin (net skin pattern)—every aspect of Izumiya Ogon is top quality.

Mr. Hiroi

This 70+ year Koi farm started 3 generations ago.


Teruchiyo Hiroi, his grandfather, founded the farm. Teruo, his father, built the foundation.


Teruyuki, the current owner, is taking this established farm to the next level.


One of the highlights of Marusaka Koi Farm is the choices. You would find so many different varieties.

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