Ozumi Ikarashi Special Auction


Auction starts: 02-07-2023 4:00 pm

Auction ends: 02-11-2023 3:00 pm

*Note Start and End Times are Hawaii Standard Time.

Ozumi Ikarashi Koi Farm

Kazuhiro Ikarashi is the proud owner of Ozumi Ikarashi Koi Farm.

His farm is located at Ozumi in Nagaoka city.

Ozumi Ikarashi Koi Farm has 50+ years of experience with his grandfather and father beginning the business.

They produce mainly kawarimono and metallic.

What made their name famous was the creation of Kin Kikokuryu.

Koi Speciality: Benikikokuryu, Ochiba, Kujyaku,Ginga, Yamabukiougon, Chocolate Chagoi, Akamekigoi and More!

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