Sekiguchi Showa Special Auction

Sekiguchi Showa Special Auction!

Auction Schedule: 

Auction Starts: 2023-12-09 4:00 pm HST

Auction Ends: 2023-12-13 3:00 pm HST

Mr. Sekiguchi Knows What It Takes To Be A Champion


The quality of his Showa is breathtaking.

Mr. Sekiguchi is the second generation of Sekiguchi Koi Farm.

He won young champion at the All Japan Koi Show in 2021 which proves the excellence of his Showa.

He also specializes in breeding high quality pearl Ginrin varieties.

Sekiguchi Koi Farm

Learn More About Sekiguchi Koi Farm With These Videos Below! 

Available Sekiguchi Showa! Good Luck! Happy Bidding!


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