2020 Fall Harvest Special

It's Koi Harvest Time

In Japan, October rings in the harvest for koi breeders to pull in their nets and see the koi beauty that came from all their hard work; and we're marking this yearly occasion with a 2020 Koi Harvest Special!

You'll see new cream-of-the-crop Japanese koi pop-up here that we'll be adding on weekdays; so visit often.

Taro Kodama will also be your virtual koi tour guide; and he'll fly to Japan to visit the koi farms in-person to select stunning koi for you to buy here and share videos and pictures of in-person conversations with the koi breeders, koi sneak peaks, and other koi adventures! Although there are many flight restrictions for Americans, Taro is able to still travel to Japan and share his experience online; so join him on his koi quest.

Visit often to see the latest news from Taro and the latest exciting koi

Koi request

If there's a dream koi that you've always wanted, let Taro know ASAP. After he receives your koi request, he can look for it while in Japan and send you pricing info and koi details. If that sounds good, send a koi request here.

Scroll down to bottom of page to see the koi available for sale for this promotion.

Additional Details and Terms

Normal shipping rates apply. Shipping fees are paid for separately when finalizing the shipping date with customer service.

The koi in this promo:

  • will be ready to ship to your home in mid-December 2020 or early January 2021 (unless noted otherwise in the product listing) after a 4-week quarantine. When you check out online, please choose a shipping date within that time frame. Normal shipping rates apply
  • are unable to be shipped to Canada at this time
  • will have fixed prices, but a few may have "Call for pricing"
  • will show lengths approximated 

Koi Boarding

If you are unable to receive your koi during the winter season, we can offer boarding for $50/koi per month depending on space availability (fees are nonrefundable. Click here for more terms).

Please contact customer service at info@kodamakoifarm.com to check availability.

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