2022 Sekiguchi Grow Out

Don't Wait, Last Day to Purchase Grow Out Koi Is April 10th!

Mr. Sekiguchi Knows What It Takes To Be A Champion


The quality of his Showa is breathtaking. Mr. Sekiguchi is the second generation of Sekiguchi Koi Farm.

He won young champion at the All Japan Koi Show in 2021 which proves the excellence of his Showa.

He also specializes in breeding high quality pearl Ginrin varieties.

*Video is in Japanese, Please Click the cc in the bottom right to see subtitles to English*

Winning Koi From The 2021 52nd All Japan Koi Show!

This is the newest and biggest Koi Show in the world. Most of the winning Showa's in this Koi Show were Sekiguchi Koi.



32nd All Japan Young Koi Show 


Grand Champion



52nd All Japan

Koi Show 


Young Champion


25bu Kokugyo Award

30bu Kokugyo Award

35bu Miyabi Award

50bu Kokugyo Award

50bu Miyabi Award

Koi Talk: Sekiguchi Koi Farm Recap

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Enter the Grow-out Contest with Sekiguchi Koi Farm

Welcome to the Sekiguchi Koi Farm Grow-out contest. In this special event, you have the opportunity to:

  • get quality Showa tosai from Sekiguchi Koi Farm's famous bloodline
  • see how they grow and develop over the Spring at Kodama Koi Farm
  • entered into a contest for 3 great prizes
  • Koi will be ready to ship the end of August 

There are 101 Showa koi available to choose from. $497.00 Each

Currently these koi range in size from around 5.5 - 8.5 in. (14-22 cm), and they will grow large very quickly while here at Kodama Koi farm.

If you're curious how these koi will turn out, come join this fun contest!

This is a great chance to get a beautiful koi.

🏆 Three winners 

At the contest's end, the three koi chosen by Mr. Sekiguchi will receive prizes of:

  1. 1st Place - Kodama Koi Food Colorup 10lb ($124 value)
  2.  2nd Place - Kodama Koi Food All Season 10lb ($93.50 value)
  3. 3rd Place - Kodama Koi Food All Season 5lb ($53 value)

Contest terms

  • The harvest will be in mid-August. We will take pictures of the koi and upload them to Kodamakoishow.com.
  • Kodama Koi Farm will hold an award ceremony on ZOOM late August early September. Mr. Sekiguchi will be there as a judge and will announce the winners.
  • The price includes free boarding, free shipping from Japan to Hawaii, and free quarantine with KHV test
  • If a koi dies, Kodama Koi Farm will offer a replacement at its discretion

Grow Out Contest Winning Koi Predictions! 

There will be prizes for those who guess which of these 101 Sekiguchi Koi will come in first, second, or third place! No purchase is necessary to vote! 

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