Fall 2023 Niigata Tour

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It's Koi Harvest Time


In Japan, October rings in the harvest for koi breeders to pull in their nets and see the koi beauty that came from all their hard work; and we're marking this yearly occasion with a 2023 Koi Harvest Special!

You'll see new cream-of-the-crop Japanese koi pop-up here that we'll be adding on weekdays; so visit often.

Taro Kodama will also be your virtual koi tour guide; Visit the koi farms in-person to select stunning koi for you to buy here and share videos and pictures of in-person conversations with the koi breeders, koi sneak peaks, and other koi adventures!

This year you can finally join us to visit historic farms as a welcomed guest and see the most unique perspectives of Niigata. But most importantly, you can buy directly from the breeders in Japan! You can join us on the tour anytime from 10/12/23 to 10/16/23 or from 11/15/23 to 11/22/23. You can attend for any amount of time.

2022 Niigata / Hiroshima 

2022 Niigata / Hiroshima KOI Harvest 

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Boarding Program Is Only Offered With Niigata Koi Below

Most of the Koi from Niigata, Japan will complete its quarantine by the middle of December. They will be available for shipment as early as the first week of January.

If you don't live in a warm part of the country nor have a temperature controlled quarantine tank to keep the new Koi until Spring. We would like to offer our Koi Farm here in Oahu. 


Boarding Rates: 


Free boarding until 12/31/2023

For Koi below 20”, $100 until 4/30

For Koi over 20”, $200 until 4/30

For customers who buy Niigata Koi for $2500+ or $5,000 combined, we are offering FREE boarding until April 30th.  

*Boarding can not be combined with any other auction koi or other fixed price koi. This promotion is only offered with the koi coming from the Niigata Harvest. 


Kodama Koi Farm GUARANTEES the lives of your Koi. In case a Koi dies, Kodama Koi Farm will provide store credit towards new Koi. (No Refunds)

All Available 2023 Niigata Fall Harvest Koi For Purchase!

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