Taniguchi Winter Azukari

Get your Tosai from Breeder Taniguchi—Ends Sun., Dec. 9

These future champion tosai (1-year old) are around 6–9 in (15–22 cm) long, and there are around 100 of them. Varieties include: Showa, Ginrin Showa, Kohaku, Ginrin Kohaku, and Goshiki.

As a part of this special winter Azukari (boarding) promotion, these koi will get FREE boarding under the professional care of Taniguchi in Japan until April 2019 where they'll grow bigger and more beautiful.

Breeder Taniguchi is known for producing champion koi.

Taniguchi makes champions

Above are a few of Taniguchi's koi that have gone on to win awards at the ZNA International All Japan Koi Show.

The tosai in this promo have excellent growth potential to reach 12-15 in. by the end of May 2019. Below is an example.

Growth potential

You can see a big growth difference of the two koi from 2017's Taniguchi Winter Azukari. The "After" images are from spring 2018.

And if you're wondering what happens if a koi should die, rest easy because each koi is life-guaranteed. This means that if your koi dies before harvesting, Taniguchi Koi Farm will give you a replacement at Mr. Taniguchi's discretion.

On top of that, you get FREE international shipping from Japan to Hawaii.

But hurry! This is a limited time offer ending this Sunday, Dec. 9.


  • Tosai koi from Breeder Taniguchi
  • FREE boarding in Japan at Taniguchi Koi Farm
  • FREE international shipping from Japan to Hawaii. Shipping from Hawaii to your home is paid for separately.
  • Expect the koi to ship to your home around May 2019
  • The koi's gender is unknown
  • If your koi is not harvested alive, you will receive a replacement koi at Taniguchi Farm's discretion

Breeder Taniguchi

Mr. Youichi Taniguchi (pictured left with Taro Kodama) is an up-and-coming breeder in Hiroshima. His specialty is Kohaku and his koi have already proven themselves by winning several koi awards.

Importing options for Canadian customers 🇨🇦

If you live in Canada, you can streamline the import process and potentially get better shipping convenience on this promo's koi by ordering through Okanagan Koi & Water Gardens, Canadian Aqua Farm, or Hoseki Koi & Pond.

We're happy about this collaboration to share this offer with Canada customers. Please contact these great koi partners to see if it works for you!

Okanagan Koi & Water Gardens

Located at Kelowna, BC, Canada. To learn more about the special arrangements with this promo, please call 250-765-Koi1 (5641).

Canadian Aqua Farm

Based in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. To learn more about the special arrangements with this promo, please send an email.

Hoseki Koi & Pond

Located in Toronto, Canada. To learn more about the special arrangements with this promo, please call 647-833-8173 or email hosekikoipond@gmail.com.

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