Kodama Choice Pack

Small Koi Mix

Enjoy watching your koi bloom as they grow

Small Koi Mix
Kodama's Choice pack & Build pack

Enjoy how these small koi grow up to be even more beautiful!

Great price for Japanese bred koi at a small size you can watch grow up. Each pack is 10 or 20 koi and have a variety of types ranging from 3-6" koi. $41 - $52 / Koi in these packs with limited stock on every item. Shipping is even included in the price of the purchase!

Which Tosai (1 yr old) pack will you choose? Tosai Koi - (TOH sye) - In its first year - up to one year old, is referring to koi age. When you buy tosai koi, you are purchasing it due to the lineage and future potential the koi has to grow big. Selecting tosai can be difficult because the koi are at such a young age and not fully developed so it can be complicated to predict their final appearance.

Enjoy watching your koi bloom as they grow!


NOTE: As a part of the Choice Pack program, koi are randomly selected to fulfill your order. You can make requests, but it is truly Kodama's Choice. Shipping IS included in the price. "Shipping charged after purchase" is just the default phrase on our checkout platform. Shipping is free for the choice pack koi.


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