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Welcome to part 2 of our Study Tategoi Promotion, we're excited to share:

  • Over 2,000 individual koi
  • 26 tosai varieties to choose
  • 16 excellent koi breeders

Prices currently range from $49–$150. All are at great prices and randomly selected. These koi will likely sell out fast; so select your favorites!

🚚 Special shipping rates

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What is the “Study Tategoi” program?

There are many ways to study koi. A lot of videos and articles are available on the Internet. You can have knowledge on the koi variety, breeder, how they may develop, etc.; but you can never get the experience online.

In order to fully understand koi, nothing is better than raising them yourself in your own pond.  Only by raising these koi in your pond, can you see the color, quality, and how they will grow and develop their beauty. As a hobbyist, you want to get this experience with minimal investment.

Study Tategoi program offers this experience at an affordable price. At Study Tategoi program, we select the breeder of a group of fine quality tategoi (future koi). By offering them randomly picked, Kodama Koi Farm can keep the cost low for you; and you get to enjoy a high-demand bloodline with confidence in quality.

Dive into the Study Tategoi Part 2!

We hope you are enjoying part 1, but we are excited to offer you even more tosai from some of the most famous breeders in Japan. This is a great way to affordably access many different varieties of koi all in one spot. Normally full-grown koi sell for high prices, but with the Study Tategoi program (where koi are randomly selected for you) you can affordably get young koi and watch them grow and develop in your pond.

Study Tategoi Part 1 Continues!

Have you had the chance to check out part 1 of our study tategoi promotion? There are still many different varieties of high quality study tategoi available for you to purchase. Check out part 1 and see what is left!

Featured Koi Breeders Part 2

We're happy to share Taro Kodama's expertise below about these hard-working breeders. Enjoy!

Mr. Ryu Mano

Izumiya Koi Farm

Izumiya Koi Farm is one breeder with a long history in Niigata. It is well-known that Mr. Ichiro Mano, the founder of Izumiya and grandfather of Ryu, was the top Mekiki (keen eye evaluator) of Koi and has dealt with many high qualtity Koi back then.

He is also well-known that Izumiya is synonymous with Ogon. No breeder in Niigata can compete with Izumiya when it comes to Yamabuki Ogon. Their quality, body conformation, strong yellow shine, and Fukurin (net skin pattern)—every aspect of Izumiya Ogon is top quality. We are very happy to share his Ogon tosai with you. Please experience and enjoy what his bloodline can do in your pond.

Izumiya Ogon

Learn more about Izumiya's Ogon with his koi talk video! 

Mr. Joji Konishi

Konishi Koi Farm



Mr. Yoichi Taniguchi

Taniguchi Koi Farm

Mr. Taniguchi is a gifted breeder from south of Japan. We do grow out contests with his Koi every year. So I am sure many of you may be familiar with the quality of his Kohaku and Sanke. He always surprises us with the quality of his Koi. This year, he did it again. This time, it is not Gosanke, but Kawarimono or unique Koi.

It is called "GOLDEN CORN." Please see the transformation pictures of his golden corn. The transformation is nothing but breathtaking. Being in the industry, I have pretty good idea how Koi may turn out as it grows. But the change of this variety is simply unpredictable. Unexpected transformation and unexpected growth (they have DNA of over 40" chagoi) are the highlight of Golden Corn. I do not believe too many golden corn are available in the US yet. I am very happy that we can offer this surprising beauty.

View Golden Corn View Matsukawabake


Golden Corn Examples

Mr. Toshinobu Ikarashi

Ikarashi Koi Farm

Succeeding one of the most distinguished koi farms from his father, the late Kazuto Ikarashi, he is taking the farm to the next level. His father was a top breeder in Niigata like the late Mano, founder of Dainichi Koi Farm. His Gosanke won many champions. Maintaining the quality of his father's legendary gosanke, he started his new challenges. One of them is the Ginrin Aragoke.

Ginrin means diamond scales. Aragoke means rough or large scales. If you think of doitsu varieties like Shusui, you see most of the scales are even and regular size. that is because breeders intentionally cull out those ones with odd size scales. Aragoke was something breeders was avoiding for Doitsu varieties. However, he went the opposite way. He rather tried to put larger scales on the body and filled them with beautiful glitters. You see his Ginrin Aragoke has so many type of patterns and colors, but what is in common is that they are all high quality Doitsu with large ginrin scales.

Now his challenge gradually gains the popularity outside Japan, especially in Europe. Kodama Koi Farm is very proud to introduce his Ginrin Aragoke and its Tosai at the first time to the US. You can not get his Ginrin Aragoke tosai anywhere else. Please do not wait. We have only 50.

View Ginrin Aragoke

Ikarashi Ginrin Aragoke

Mr. Teruyuki Hiroi

Marusaka Koi Farm



Marusaka Aya Wakaba

Mr. Kenji Tani

Mr. Kenji Tani

Kawakami Koi Farm



Tsubaki prize winner (35 bu) at 47th All Japan Koi Show

Mr. Kazutka Suda

Suda Koi Farm

Mr. Shigeyuki Hoshino

Yamajyu Koi Farm



Mr. Nobuaki Hiroi

Hiroi Koi Farm

View Shusui

Mr. Kazuyoshi Hiroi

All Japan Young Koi Show Tsubaki Award

Mr. Katsunori Miya

Miyatora Koi Farm

Mr. Miya is a humble, hard working Koi breeder of the established Koi Farm with three generations. Any Koi from his farm meet the high quality criteria. We are very happy to offer his fine quality Tosai with our study Tategoi program as the first time.

View Kin Ki Utsuri View Mukashi Ogon


Mr. Hoshino Hideo

Yamanaka Oya Koi Farm



Mr. Shintaro Hirasawa

Hirashin Koi Farm

Mr. Hirasawa is a stubborn-looking but very hard-working Koi breeder in Niigata, Japan. We are very lucky that he made his beautiful Kin Matsuba available for our customers.

Kin Matsuba is also called as Ki Matsuba Ogon. It is basically yamabuki Ogon with pine cone pattern. When it is young, the pine cone may not appear strong. As it matures, the spots will get darker and be solid. Add his Kin Matsuba to your collection

View Kin Matsuba View Chagoi


Hirashin Kin Matsuba

Hirashin Chagoi

Mr. Shinsaku Sakazumi

Sakazume Koi Farm

Mr. Sakazume thinks Koi breeders must be an artist with breeding skills. Mr. Sakazume definitely fits into the definition of the breeder. With his pride as an artist and the skill, he became a master of Aigoromo. Aigoromo is a variety that has indigo on its Kohaku pattern. The contrast of its Ai (indigo) and the show white is beautiful. As the production of Aigoromo itself is small and limited, I encourage you should not miss this great opportunity to get his world famous Aigoromo.

View Aigoromo View Ginrin Platinum

Mr. Hirokazu Oyama

Oyama Koi Farm

Mr. Oyama, a leader of Hiroshima district of Nishikigoi assosiation, produces classic type of Koi as well as unique types. Taking Gosanke as granted, he is also specializes in the unique varieties that few other breeders have. Ginrin Kogane Ochiba is definitely something we can not find at any other places than Oyama Koi Farm.

We are also very fortunate that we were able to get a group of quailty Budogoromo from him. Every hi plate is beautifully and perfectly painted in grape color . (Budo in Budogoromo means grapes) Here is a great collection of Budogoromo.

View Budogoromo View Ginrin Kogane Ochiba

Mr. Kiyoharu Masai

Masai Koi Farm

Mr. Masai is a young 1st generation Koi breeder from west side of Japan. With 18+ years of Koi breeding experiences, he has been working hard to perfect his Sanke with Kichinai bloodline. Masai Koi Farm is still new to the US market, but his passion and his quality Koi are defnitely worth learning and raising in our pond.

View Aka Matsuba View Taisho Sanke


The 44th All Japan Koi Show Kokugyo award 12bu Taisho Sanke

Mr. Daisuke Maeda

Momotaro Koi Farm

It may be harder to find somebody in this small Koi community who does not know Momotaro. Mr. Daisuke Maeda, as a grand champion breeder, has worked hard to develop jumbo sized Nishikigoi. We are very happy that we can introduce Koi from Momotaro as the first time with this program. Get Momotaro Koi and enjoy the jumbo growing gene in your pond.

View Ginrin Benigoi


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