This variety was created by breeding Komonryu and Platinum koi. Kikokuryu is essentially a metallic Kumonryu, a koi with shiny Platinum skin and fins with deep Sumi colors throughout. The lustrous shine of this koi is important and more fascinating than the Kumonryu.

How to Judge a Kikokuryu

Similar to the Kumoryu, this koi is likely to change colors throughout the year. This is one of the most fascinating parts of this koi, second to it's striking metallic shine. Kikokuryu are often silver with black markings, but the dark colors can spread and change even turning hints of blues. The change in colors may attribute to many factors including lighting and water temperature.

Even though the shine of the Platinum is inversely proportional to the strength of the dark Sumi because Kumonryu originates in Karasugoi, the genetic powers of the Sumi is very strong. Kikokuryu will shine deeply through the dark colors throughout its head, fins, and body.

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