Yagenji Koi Farm

Owner(s): Ishihara
Specialty: Kohaku, Sanke, showa, Kikusui and more

Being on the top of the mountains, the Ishihara twin brothers runs a very popular Koi farm. In October, you will see foreign buyers in and out every day. His wide range variety is one of the reasons for their popularity. The owner, Ishihara, specializes in Kohaku, Sanke, showa, Kikusui and more.

We have koi available to buy from Yagenji Koi Farm online if shown below the search field. If not, contact us with what you're looking for and we'll help find the right koi.

Interview with Yagenji Koi Farm

I am Daisuke Ishihara from Yagenji Koi Farm. We breed koi like these, such as Gosanke, Ginrin Gosanke, Kikusui, Asagi, Koromo, Karashi, Doitsu Karashi, Kujyaku, and Goshiki. We look forward to seeing you in Niigata.

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