Since Mr. Sawata Aoki produced the first Ogon in 1947, a number of breeders have produced various Hikarimono based on the Ogon. Ogon, meaning Gold, belongs to the Hikari Muji group. Ogon is a solid color metallic koi, from silver to gold and shines beautifully in a pond.


How to Judge an Ogon

A prize winning Ogon ideally is a bright metallic koi without any blemishes and an even pattern of scales. It should have no markings on the face either. They are bread in huge numbers and competition is fierce! 

Ogon are one of the most friendly koi. Your family can hand feed these friendly koi and they absolutely love to eat! They will grow well and be some of the happiest and most beautiful koi in your collection.

Origins of Ogon Koi

In Edo period, gold, silver, coral, and Aya Nishiki (figured brocade) were considered the four national treasures.Of course the people would like to have their koi just like the treasures! In the middle of Taisho period (1912-1926), some kids were playing by a brook and they found and caught a black carp that had a slight shimmer on its back.

Sawata Aoki was the one who quickly focused on this shine on a carp. He thought “how amazing is that if I can create a Koi that its entire body shines as a gold”. His effort begun from then, and in 1947, he eventually succeeded creating a Ogon Koi.

Koi breeders created the varieties Ogon as a gold, Platinum Ogon as a silver, Kohaku as a coral, and Yamato Nishiki as Aya nishiki. They got their wish to have these living treasures, and if you got into the Koi world even only one step, you would fall in love with them immediately!

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